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Comment réparer l'écran LCD cassé du Sony Xperia X ? Cette vidéo va vous monter comment remplacer l'écran du Sony Xperia X Dual.

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Pour réassembler votre appareil, suivez les instructions en sens inverse.

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A very nice guide you put together here, this may be a silly question but would the disassembly process and installation be the same for the XA? My partner has just cracked her screen so I'm looking to do it myself and assume they both have kind of the same build?

Thanks for this, you're awesome dude.

Levs OG - Réponse

I did this but lcd screen won't light up

Troy Buresh - Réponse

Lcd screen won't light up any help will be greatly appreciated. Tried three screens too.

Troy Buresh - Réponse

Thanks soo much l really appreciate your help

Sharron - Réponse

I followed the guide, the screen lights up but the actual touchscreen doesn't work.

Jake Brightman - Réponse

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