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Comment réparer l'écran LCD cassé du Sony Xperia X ? Cette vidéo va vous monter comment remplacer l'écran du Sony Xperia X Dual.

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Pour réassembler votre appareil, suivez les instructions en sens inverse.

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A very nice guide you put together here, this may be a silly question but would the disassembly process and installation be the same for the XA? My partner has just cracked her screen so I'm looking to do it myself and assume they both have kind of the same build?

Thanks for this, you're awesome dude.

Levs OG - Réponse

I did this but lcd screen won't light up

Troy Buresh - Réponse

Lcd screen won't light up any help will be greatly appreciated. Tried three screens too.

Troy Buresh - Réponse

Thanks soo much l really appreciate your help

Sharron - Réponse

I followed the guide, the screen lights up but the actual touchscreen doesn't work.

Jake Brightman - Réponse

Hello to all, nice vid :)

Does anyone know why/how to fix a screen going black during making/receiving a call after a new screen replacement?

My local shop replaced my screen and they can’t explain.

I do not want to buy a new phone.

Thank you for all your v good vids/advice.

David Corcoran, Madrid.

David E Corcoran - Réponse

@ David E Corcoran,

This is likely caused by the proximity sensor not working when the replacement screen is improperly fitted or comes loose, you can easily test this by making a test call and gently squeezing the phone at the top of the screen, between your thumb on the front and a finger on the back, gently squeeze /pinch the front into the frame a little and the screen will come on.

Those little metal binder clips from stationary supplies are often just about the perfect size to clamp the screen & frame together in a more robust but still very temporary workaround, enough that I can actually use the phone to choose menu options on automated service calls or even just hang up if I haven’t previously set it to end a call with the power button.

Tommy Johnstone - Réponse

The video is very good, but I suggest reviewing the tools needed section (on this page, maybe on the videos too). There is also a second way of removing the back cover (by detaching the bottom bit that covers the USB port) which is easier, so probably worth pointing that out too.

gabriel - Réponse

I’ve replaced the screen and it seems to work ok but both the cameras do not work

Mark Darby - Réponse

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