La RAM est facilement accessible sur cet ordinateur et le travail de démontage nécessaire est réduit au minimum.

  1. Retirez les huit vis Phillips 4 mm par lesquelles le boîtier inférieur est fixé au MacBook.
    • Retirez les huit vis Phillips 4 mm par lesquelles le boîtier inférieur est fixé au MacBook.

    According to this page, the 8 screws are not identical.

    Can anybody tell me where each kind of screw is supposed to go?

    Gregoire - Réponse

    They are all 100% Identical. You were probably looking at a different model, or Apple has entered the wrong information... Hey, It happens...

    weeowey weeowey -

    The screws on the Late 2009 are identical. The blue lock compound might make tightening some require a little more effort.

    svenaustx - Réponse

    Can I replace it with a SATA 3 cable?

    nm - Réponse

    A1342 macbook does not have the right controller to support sata III

    weeowey weeowey -

    hi, i just got back from the apple store and they are really keen for me to upgrade to a new laptop since my battery is old and the screen is cracked, so glad i found ifixit i would love to upgrade this puppy! gonna make it a real sleeper! styler hall wrote about sticking 16 gb of ram in his a 1342 ? is this a simply mather of ordering 3 4gb sticks ?aslo i currently have 4 gb and would like to upgrade to 8 ( or indeed 16) does that mean i need to buy all new sticks or can i continue to use the old one and stick a new one next to it ?

    thanks again mick van aar, perth western aus.

    michelvanaar - Réponse

    The A1342 will take up to 16 GB of RAM, however, there are only two RAM slots, so use two 8-GB RAM modules. Other World Computing (OWC) is a great reference source for info on exactly which RAM to use with which model; prices are usually much better on EBay though. Add an SSD from OWC and your machine will really scream!

    I hope that helps!

    gdesbrisay -

    Gregoire is right. The 8 screws are absolutely NOT identical, I’m looking at them right now, weeowey weeowey.

    John Guzman - Réponse

  2. Le boîtier inférieur est construit en aluminium avec un revêtement en caoutchouc. Ne pliez pas trop l'aluminium lors du retrait, car une déformation permanente générerait des problèmes de tolérance après le remontage.
    • Le boîtier inférieur est construit en aluminium avec un revêtement en caoutchouc. Ne pliez pas trop l'aluminium lors du retrait, car une déformation permanente générerait des problèmes de tolérance après le remontage.

    • Soulevez légèrement le boîtier arrière au niveau de la fente.

    • Continuez à faire courir vos doigts entre les boîtiers inférieur et supérieur jusqu'à ce que le boîtier supérieur se dégage des clips de fixation.

    • La position de ces trois clips est indiquée dans la troisième photographie.

    Do the retaining clips have to be re-engaged when replacing the lower case?

    John Morley - Réponse

    Answering my own question, the clips re-engage when the lower case is correctly positioned. You can help them by gently pressing the lower case with your thumbs midway along the two short sides. When everything is correctly aligned the eight screw holes line up.

    John Morley -

    Rather than running your fingernail down the sides to free up the retaining clips, I found that using an old credit card, inserted about 1/4”, to run along the left and right side popped those end retaining clips right off with no problem. You may need to twist the card slightly when in the middle area to help pop those off.

    bdahl385 - Réponse

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    • Pour des raisons de précaution, nous conseillons de déconnecter le connecteur de la batterie de la carte mère pour éviter une décharge électrique. Cette étape est facultative et non obligatoire.

    • Avec l'extrémité plate d'une spatule (spudger), soulevez le connecteur de la batterie de sa prise sur la carte mère.

    • Il est peut-être plus facile de soulever les deux côtés du connecteur avec vos ongles.

    you do not need to remove the battery when replacing the hard drive or ram

    brilldoctor - Réponse

    beware not to lift the connector to close of the angle, as the picture suggest it. It might broke the angle. Attack by the middle.

    naamol - Réponse

    Not necessary?

    hikkymemo - Réponse

    Be careful of the corner of the battery cable connector when trying to pry it off with the spudge. I knocked the corner of mine. No operational impact but was not very pleasing!

    jljordanweb - Réponse

    Not necessary, but a good idea, so as to avoid any spurious charges going through the boards...

    svenaustx - Réponse

    @Svenaustx - What could happen if not removing this battery? Worst case? Not a geek on this but did change RAM on my Macbook Pro "15. Can't remember disconneting the battery back then. Shouldn't it be sufficient shutting the Mac off and ensure it has been used for an hour or so before replacing RAM?

    Allan Clarke -

    i used a metal pry and noticed some sparking when i disconnected the battery. replaced ram. now it wont turn on. did i fry it?

    Ian Lynch - Réponse

    • Écartez les deux clips de chaque côté de la barrette de RAM simultanément pour libérer cette dernière.

    • Ces clips maintiennent la barrette en place et lorsque vous les écartez, la barrette se soulève.

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    • Lorsque la barrette de RAM se soulève, sortez-la de son emplacement en la levant bien droit.

    • Répétez l'opération pour l'installation éventuelle d'une seconde barrette de RAM.

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12 commentaires

I have been running 2 x 4gb chips for the last two months in my unibody white late 2009 macbook with no probs. The only difference from the standard ram chips is a massive speed boost!

alex - Réponse

Hi I'm currently installing 16gbs of ram, that is supported by my Macbook 2010 White unibody, however the mac is not reading the full amount installed. i have gotten 10gbs working, by installing one of the new 8gbs sticks, and the old 2gb. Both of the new sticks of Ram have been tested, by simply swopping them out with each other, but when combine the full 16gb sends a error code, 3 beeps with a 5 sec in between. Both ram slots work, all four sticks of ram work, the two 8gb and the old two sticks of 2gb, and computer runs right now at 10gb, so there is proof that it is supported. please help me, i am stuck.

skyler hall - Réponse

You have two different types of ram there... One cannot be read by the Mac book for some reason because of the speed or type.

theloo32 -

Hey Skyler, I'm having the same issue. It appears that if you have at least one DIMM of 1066MHz RAM, the machine will be able to boot and clock-down faster RAM so that both DIMMs are running at this MacBook's maximum 1066MHz speed. I suspect that because both of my upgraded DIMMs are faster than 1066MHz (1300MHz), it is preventing the machine from being able to boot, and it's subsequently unable to remedy the RAM speed discrepancy. In my case, I get a single beep every 5 seconds when trying to boot which means "No RAM Installed"

The solution would be to return the faster memory and buy 1066MHz speed RAM, although now-a-days that's more expensive than buying 1300MHz or 1600MHz RAM when you're looking for 16GB. I guess you can also leave the mismatch DIMMs (10GB) if you need to, but it's definitely not optimal.

Adam T -

Excelent guide! did it carefuly in less than 5 min!

Thxs for the help!

Alo Amitrano - Réponse

Can I install 8Gb (2x4gb) on my White Unibody? Will there be any problem if I do so?

cmoedu - Réponse

Video: How to upgrade RAM momory on macbook white a1342?

karwazja - Réponse

My white 13" MacBook Unibody Late 2009 A1342 updated to OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) now runs 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3 1333 SODIMM taken from my Lenovo Y570 laptop. The MacBook already used an SSD, but is even quicker now. Here are some screenshots from the MacBook:

Hopefully any brand of 2x4GB DDR3 1333 SODIMM will work for you...

Jon LeBlanc - Réponse

Note that it has to be 1.5 volt DDR3 RAM, not 1.35 volt DDR3L.

John Morley - Réponse

Has anyone tried 16 gb in the late 2009 (white) MacBook?

Scott Davidson - Réponse

What type of ram should i use as i tried 2 sticks of 2gb in it and it doesnt work. Although, if i just put the 1gb which was original from apple and 1 stick of the 2gb it will work…it just wont work the two 2gb sticks together and what is the max ram please.

Alfie Johnson - Réponse

You are right. This was easy. The hardest part was removing and replacing the eight 4 mm Phillips screws securing the lower case to the MacBook.

My MacBook Unibody Model A1342 now has 16GB of OWC Memory.

Thanks Walter!

colleen - Réponse

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