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Après un certain temps, l'autonomie d'une batterie rechargée commence à baisser. Ce tutoriel vous montre comment enlever la coque arrière de la tablette afin d'accéder à la batterie et de la remplacer.

  1. Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Batterie: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Assurez-vous que l'appareil est éteint avant de tenter de le démonter.

    • Utilisez le petit spudger métallique pour créer un espace entre la coque arrière et le reste de l'appareil en-haut de la fente de la carte mémoire.

    • Le petit spudger métallique n'est utilisé que pour créer un espace entre la coque arrière et le reste de l'appareil et non pour retirer la coque arrière.

    • Si possible, essayez d'utiliser un spudger normal en nylon pour séparer la coque arrière, car il est beaucoup plus doux et moins susceptible de marquer/rayer l'appareil.

  2. Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 2, image 1 de 2 Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 2, image 2 de 2
    • Utilisez le spudger métallique intermédiaire à la place du petit spudger métallique pour enlever la coque arrière. Cela se fait en glissant le spudger métallique intermédiaire le long du périmètre de l'appareil, en commençant en-haut de l'emplacement de la carte mémoire.

    • La deuxième image montre la partie interne de l'appareil une fois que la coque arrière est enlevée.

    I bought a replacement battery for my Tab A 8” and the plastic tool that came with it broke within a minute of trying to open the case. I wound up buying the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and, with the metal spudger and the opening picks, I was finally able to get the case open and remove the battery. The kit and these directions were lifesavers, thanks!

    Paul - Réponse

    Please check my tab

    Home kitchen - Réponse

  3. Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Débranchez le connecteur électrique de la carte mère en utilisant la pincette de précision coudée.

    • Évitez de toucher la carte mère avec la pincette. Les outils métalliques tels que les pincettes peuvent rayer et endommager la carte mère.

    The outside edges of the white clip on the battery side of the connector have hooks that need to be released. It is much better to use the tweezers there than underneath the wires.

    sunruh - Réponse

    Thanks, I figured that but NO WHERE does it state this. Fu*king '''

    Eatmyasshole itspoopy -

    if i buy new battery for my samsung do it will still work if but it in there

    jrmoreland - Réponse

  4. Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 4, image 1 de 3 Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 4, image 2 de 3 Remplacement de la batterie de la Samsung Galaxy Tab A: étape 4, image 3 de 3
    • Utilisez l'extrémité plate du spudger en plastique pour faire levier et retirer la batterie du reste de l'appareil.

    • Une autre méthode consiste à desserrer la batterie à l'aide du spudger en plastique, puis à retirer la batterie en tirant sur l'onglet papier indiquant "Tirer (avec les mains seulement)".

    • Une fois que la coque arrière et la batterie sont enlevées, l'appareil devrait ressembler à celui de la deuxième image.

    I really appreciated these instructions, thank you. I had the tools but because it was quite difficult getting the back open the plastic tools here weren’t much help. I had to use a medium sized flat head screwdriver. Upon prying there was minor damage around the memory card slot to the casing but that couldn’t be helped and didn’t hurt the operation of the TabA. The original battery inside has a thin layer of black glue around the edge so it took a little effort and patience to get out. I had to carefully use the screwdriver without scratching the tab interior, to loosen the battery. My tools came with a suction cup on a ring which was invaluable on getting the battery out safely. My TabA seems to work well now. Thanks again.

    Joseph Bonneville - Réponse

    me concernant , j’ai une tablette samsung galaxy tab a qui s’eteint et s’allume(elle clignote) toute seule malgre que la batterie est presque pleine. Je n’arrive plus à l’utiliser suite à ce problème car à tout moment elle va s’eteiedre.

    ameziane - Réponse

    moi jai une tablette samsung galaxy TAB A presque neuve qui seteint et sallume (clingnote) toute seule malgres que la batterie est presque pleine , elle arrete de clingnoter et sallume completement quand je la branche au chargeur.

    ameziane - Réponse

    Das öffnen funktionierte nur mit Hilfe eines kleinen Schraubendrehers als Hebel. Der Akku selbst ist zusätzlich noch mit 11 kleinen Kreuzschlitz Schrauben im Gerät befestigt. Trotzdem vielen Dank für tolle Anleitung

    BERND PIETSCH - Réponse

    I felt i didn’t need to remove the battery or take the mother board out to remove the lcd & digitiser. I did however disconnect the battery and use the tape that covers the connection to tape between the 2 connections.

    I will also comment in later steps where i made shortcuts to removing the display

    Cheers Wayne

    Wayne Lyell - Réponse

    Hi, Basically steps 6,7,9,10,11,&12 aren’t needed to remove the lcd/digitiser

    Cheers Wayne

    Wayne Lyell - Réponse

    How do I test to see if the battery not acceptying a charge is the battery or something else?

    Laurie - Réponse


Pour réassembler votre appareil, suivez ces instructions dans l'ordre inverse.

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Thank you so much !

Mindy A Gjestrum - Réponse

please help us

The Tab A of my son we dont know what happen they shut down we can not open it.

but the charger is ok but we try to chargers the device is not open it.

The Tab A is 7 mounths using only thats why we are worried what happen.

Please help thanks,

Rashier Yahiya -

My 10.1" died suddenly - never dropped, shocked - worked fine in the morning, wouldn't come on two hours later. Won't take a charge or show ANY sign of life. 53 weeks old and maybe 10 hour use a week. I can't seem to open it without making a mess out of it. I was impressed by the product when it was working - certainly NOT impressed anymore. A very shiny and expensive paperweight.

Muddy - Réponse

Long time since you posted this, but clean out the micro USB charge port. Use a toothpick gently, and vacuum. A lot of lint and dirt gets in and stops a proper connection

Darla Lamb -

i looked everywhere online for a simple guide with pics for tab a and all i found was tab 2 and up so THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!

cc rancour - Réponse

were you able to fix it?

Muddy -

Not sure how but my daughters tablet got moisture now its stuck in safe mode and the screen ismessed up any hope for it?

Jamie Kay - Réponse

Im with jamie any lu if moisture gets into the tablet. Screen corner is messed up :’( Only a few months old. Help.

Felicia Peeler - Réponse

I’m looking for a disassembly for the t580 samsung tablet. Got down below the screen to find that it has a plastic shell over the motherboard and I cannot get to the motherboard connections I need.. Anyone seen anything?

Wesley Tutje - Réponse

I had the same problem, black screen and would only vibrate for like half a second after I long pressed the power button, couldn’t acces download or recovery I just had a black screen. I opened it and saw that the LCD cable looked a bit loose, unplugged it and replugged it and now my tablet works like a charm !

Ludovic - Réponse

Good to know, thank you!

Darla Lamb -

Galaxy tab a show that its charging but it isn't help asap please

morethanucanhandlewa - Réponse

mijn samsung tablet start ni meer op ik hoor wel geluid maar er s geen beeld

sofiespans8 - Réponse

wa moet ik nu doen

sofiespans8 - Réponse

Great write-up. I was in and out in 5 minutes with a new battery!

Steve Sims - Réponse

My Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Wi-Fi began randomly restarting itself a few months ago & as of one week ago will not charge past 80%. It is 2-3 years old, I can't remember exactly & has had tons & tons of use. It still works great except the two things mentioned above. I'm thinking It's probably the battery, but anymore suggestions before I try a new battery? Thanks, Brenda Chaney

Brenda Chaney - Réponse

Only had the Galaxy Tab a for close to a year and it stopped working it only comes on goes off comes on goes off so I look into the instruction to trying to get it apart not able to and just wondering there's two push buttons in the back of it and just wanted to know what are those for

lp_steward - Réponse

I currently have a Galaxy Tab a tablet only for one year currently not working comes on goes off comes on and goes off need help trying to get it apart and I was wondering there's two push buttons in the back of it wanted to know what are those for need help

lp_steward - Réponse

Too bad the article doesn’t say what model Tab A it is!

You get an idea from an advertisement to buy a battery for an 8”.

David Feery-Richards - Réponse

You should edit the step to make it clear the battery connector comes off by pulling down towards the battery, as up will break the connector.

Maybe just my stupid mistake but how do you not make that clear if you know how it's done? The picture makes it look like you're pulling it up.

Now if I can't solder it back my tablet is broken because of bad instructions and misleading pictures.

Tallis Macaulay - Réponse

My Tab A will not turn off and the screen is frozen. Is it wise to attempt to change the battery myself or will this not help?

Nancy Nutt - Réponse

I need a about Tablet Samsung A6 T285 cause I put A SanDisk Memory Card in the sim how do I remove

hasfurah.adam.1589 - Réponse

Installed a battery for samung tab a 8. Plug in after replace to charge and the t as blet said 100%. When I turn on the power the samung logo would come on but the screen turn black. Unplug from charger and tried to turn on but it would not. Should I charge the battery?

Linda earley - Réponse

Das ist das dummste, bei etwas älteren und neue Tablets, dass man so ein Tablet „öffnen“ musst,

besser gesagt, ruinieren muss, weil er ist nicht mehr original geschlossen!!! Weshalb kann man

nicht schon von hintere Seite ohne GEWALT aufmachen?!!! Ein Tür?!!! Wie bei alten Black

Berrys?!!! Mehr Müll, Plasticmull, und ein technisches Blodsinn!!!

philosophy.logic.atheism - Réponse

I got this Samsung Tablet 8” and only used it a few times to back up some stuff. Soon after the battery ran down. I got a new battery and it charged once. The charge did not last very long and it ran down again. I could not recharge it. I read somewhere that if the battery runs down completely you will not be able to charge it again, unless you open the back and disconnect the battery and then reconnect it. I did that and now it is completely dead! I will not buy a Samsung tablet again. It has no support and is a lousy product. i do not recommend Samsung anymore. Their stuff is cheaply made but high priced and does not last very long. I recommend Apple strongly if you are considering a tablet. Get an iPad, it works!!!

FX Utils - Réponse

C’est la deuxieme tablette Samsung que je détruit en tentant d’enlever le couvercle arriere. Il faut le forcer et il finit par briser la vitre.Je pense que Samsung aime mieux nous vendre une nouvelle tablette que nous voir changer la batterie.

André Lecuyer - Réponse

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