La RAM est facilement accessible sur cet ordinateur et le travail de démontage nécessaire est réduit au minimum.

  1. Boîtier fermé, placez l'Unibody à l'envers sur une surface plane.
    • Boîtier fermé, placez l'Unibody à l'envers sur une surface plane.

    • Appuyez sur le côté rainuré du loquet de déverrouillage de la trappe d'accès de manière à saisir l'extrémité libre du loquet. Soulevez le loquet de déverrouillage à la verticale.

    The A1286 has no Access Door.!!

    I actually can see no sign of the battery!...

    aguib - Réponse

    Quote from aguib:

    The A1286 has no Access Door.!!

    I actually can see no sign of the battery!...

    I assume you have the newer model, with the built-in battery. It's still removable with tools, but these are the wrong instructions for that model.

    lgc90 - Réponse

    when will there be a guide for the other unibody macbook pro. that does not have an access door?

    irishking - Réponse

    Is there a manual to show, how disasembly the display, i mean, after step 5, to check the display between lcd and aluminiun back case?


    Max - Réponse

    On other guides you state the height of the HD that can be supported, e.g. MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Hard Drive Replacement , I have read ( but have not confirmed ) that the uni-body MacBook Pro can be fitted with the 750GB and 1TB 12mm drive from Western Digital.

    Can you confirm this?

    Many thanks in advance.

    ahothabeth - Réponse

    Quote from SHerwood Ball:

    My display and aluminum casing has separated.

    I don't know if it just snaps back together or does it need to be glued.

    I dropped mine on the carpeted stairs and the display still works.

    I'm hoping I can just snap it back together and that no plastic pieces or teeth of the snapping

    portion have been broken........

    SHerwood Ball - Réponse

    When you say "left fan" is this "left when looking at the logic board after turning the computer over and looking it up opening it up" or "left when sitting at the computer keyboard and typing on it"?

    thvv - Réponse

    We always use left and right in reference to the computer when you're using it.

    Andrew Optimus Goldberg -

    Directions were great and the worn dc in board was replaced. The hardest part of the procedure is disconnecting the data display cable. A better description of step 21 is to slide the connector parallel to the circuit board towards the outside corner. Reconnecting correctly took several tries.

    I used the tip of the spudger to nudge the corners a little at a time to seat the connector.

    The ribbon connector for the keyboard has to be inserted all the way before seating the retaining cap. It took me three tries . First try power button did not work second try numbers keys did not work.

    Thanks for the directions ...could not have done it with out them!!!

    landryd - Réponse

    Hola. Poseo un MacBook Pro Late 2008 y debo cambiarle las cornetas. Me sirve unas cornetas de un MBP Late 2011?

    jegonzalez80 - Réponse

  2. La trappe d'accès est à présent suffisamment relevée pour la basculer et la retirer de l'Unibody.
    • La trappe d'accès est à présent suffisamment relevée pour la basculer et la retirer de l'Unibody.

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    • Assurez-vous que la languette de la trappe d'accès est bien à la verticale avant de commencer.

    • Tirez sur la languette et retirez la batterie de votre MacBook.

    • Si la languette n'est pas bien positionnée, elle empêchera la batterie de sortir.

    Do I need to wait for the battery to charge completely before using the computer (while plugged in)?

    Kaila Potts - Réponse

    No. You do not need to charge it completely before removing it.

    Titus (#1579) - Réponse

  3. Répandez la magie de Noël
    Obtenez 12 $ de réduction sur les commandes de 50 $ ou plus avec le code FIXMAS12
    Répandez la magie de Noël
    Obtenez 12 $ de réduction sur les commandes de 50 $ ou plus avec le code FIXMAS12
    • Retirez les huit vis suivantes par lesquelles le boîtier inférieur est fixé au châssis :

      • Une vis Phillips 5,4 mm.

      • Trois vis Phillips 14 mm.

      • Quatre vis Phillips 3,5 mm.

    Hi, My name is Jess I need help asap I accidentally dropped my macbook Pro and i cant find the silver screw for the top left back side, Does any one know if I can replace it with an eye glass screw?? If you can help at all Please e-mail me at thx please help me my bf is going off... ;(

    Jess - Réponse

    The fixit PH00 is the wrong screw driver for this entire job. It did not fit in the screws, it was too pointy and caused screws to be rounded off.

    mattrittgers - Réponse

    • En vous servant des deux mains, soulevez le boîtier inférieur et retirez-le du boîtier supérieur.

    About midway along each edge is a snap. To release each snap, gently slide the flat edge of a Spudger under the lower case, then lift the lower case away.

    jonathansturges - Réponse

    I have an late 08 macbook pro and replaced my cd drive with a hd caddy and hard drive put in it. everything works but my wifi is saying no hardware installed. Bluetooth and camera working just the wifi isn't. Everything was working just find before i did this but now i cant get my wifi back on. I checked the cable looks to be inserted properly any one else had this happen or have any solutions ?

    myjellio - Réponse

    Having the same problem after this step with wifi not working anymore - it says “no airport card installed”… Any suggestions/fixes?

    David Lassiter - Réponse

    • Écartez les deux clips de chaque côté du module de RAM simultanément pour libérer ce dernier.

    • Ces clips maintiennent le module en place et lorsque vous les écartez, le module se soulève.

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    • Saisissez le module de RAM par les côtés et sortez-le de son emplacement en le levant bien droit.

    • Répétez l'opération si un second module de RAM est installé.

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Thank you ifixit. It was a breeze... 8Gb in the house... Best Regards

Bruno Perneta Correia - Réponse

Hi Bruno!

Assuming you still have the MBP, I am curious to see what memory you installed to get 8 gigs. I just installed 2 X 4 gigs of Kingston PC3 106000 SODIM and my MBP does not want it. My tech assured me that if anything would do it, it was this memory.


Thank you!


Ghislain -

As a breeze. Man, was my computer dirty! Now my computer feels like it's on amphetamines! Lol. So happy the pinwheels are gone. I can finally get work done and feel right about charging my clients hourly!

jayalovevibes - Réponse

Thanks ifixit ... Easy reward & proud 8GB working power.

Tiny note: I wasn't sure weather or not it is important (or not) to remove the stickers from my 2 x 4GB RAM modules - I left the stickers on and it seems all running happily.

Grit - Réponse

Installed 8GB of RAM without problems. :)

Been wondering if this system would support 16GB though, given that appropriate modules seem to be on the market, that it has a 64 bit EFI and that the never versions of OS X, booted in the 64 bit kernel (which has been the default mode for a few years, now) obviously support that and more…

jack - Réponse

didn’t work, but it was because i did not had the right ram. so, i put my old ram back in, and it just worked fine. thank you, it worked, but not with my ram.

Jef Kockelbergh - Réponse

I understand that you placed 2 ram of 8 gb each?

it worked?

Patricio ILLANES -

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