Utilisez ce tutoriel pour remplacer le SuperDrive de votre MacBook (SATA SuperDrive obligatoire).

  1. Boîtier fermé, placez l'Unibody à l'envers sur une surface plane.
    • Boîtier fermé, placez l'Unibody à l'envers sur une surface plane.

    • Appuyez sur le côté rainuré du loquet de déverrouillage de la trappe d'accès de manière à saisir l'extrémité libre du loquet. Soulevez le loquet de déverrouillage à la verticale.

    This is not a a1278 unibody MacBook Pro. A1278 MacBooks backs are one solid metal piece not two separate pieces. This guide is for a different MacBook Pro.

    Brad Burgeson - Réponse

  2. La trappe d'accès est normalement relevée suffisamment pour la basculer et la retirer de l'Unibody.
    • La trappe d'accès est normalement relevée suffisamment pour la basculer et la retirer de l'Unibody.

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    • Assurez-vous que le loquet de déverrouillage de la trappe d'accès est en position verticale avant de continuer.

    • Tirez sur la languette en plastique blanc et retirez la batterie de votre MacBook Unibody.

    Great tutorial ! great step !

    Leo Etcheverry - Réponse

    • Retirez les huit vis suivantes par lesquelles le boîtier inférieur est fixé au châssis :

      • Une vis Phillips 3 mm.

      • Trois vis Phillips 13,5 mm.

      • Quatre vis Phillips 3,5 mm.

    On my model, it seemed the top-left was 3.5mm and the bottom 4 were 3 mm.

    Jim - Réponse

    Make sure you have a good quality Phillips screwdriver. Mine had removable tips and had a small play at the connection. As a result I didn't have a good feel and damaged my screws (those securing the fan and the top left in step 23). Game over for me installing new thermal paste...

    Be very carefull with your screws! Especially those on the inside.

    Nickolas Michelinakis - Réponse

    You can get away with a Phillips #00 for many of the screws involved but the 4 at the bottom case split are likely to strip if you don’t use a JIS #00 or, in a pinch, a Phillips #000.

    Bill Cole - Réponse

    • En vous servant des deux mains, soulevez le boîtier inférieur et retirez-le du boîtier supérieur.

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    • À l'aide de l'extrémité plate d'un spudger, faites levier sur le connecteur du caisson de basses pour le débrancher de la carte mère.

    Me, too, broke the subwoofer connector from the motherboard. I'd suggest removing the padding first so that you can see what kind of connector it is, then pry it loose (insert spudger where the cables enter the connector).

    petterwolff - Réponse


    You can complete this guide without doing step 6 just BE CAREFUL as you already should be.

    kenneth rhem - Réponse

    The subwoofer cable is NOT removable on some models, attempting to remove it, brakes it off the circuit board and them you are @@%#$$, like me. Thanks iFixit. Also it is not necessary to remove it to replace the optical drive.

    todd - Réponse

    Oops, I followed Step-6 and my subwoofer connector came off from the motherboard!!! Please suggest me what needs to be done now?

    Srinivasan - Réponse

    Happened the same to me ... step 6 is a @%#$$. You should put now a way to repair the damage done. I just have four small tin marks on the board ...

    stratorick - Réponse

    Happened the same problem to me ... step 6 is a @%#$$**%%#. You should put now a way to repair the damage done. I just have four small tin marks on the board ... and looking to sky for help

    Badruddin Hisbani - Réponse

    Just “4 small tin marks” is what the the motherboard half of the subwoofer connector looks like.

    Bill Cole - Réponse

    There are two variants of this connector. In one, there are pins that come up from the motherboard and the connector can be pried directly up without damage.

    The other variant of the connector that everyone commenting here has is soldered to the motherboard. To repair this type, first pull off the small square of foam padding on top of the connector. Then gently pull out the four black and red wires, leaving the soldered connector attached to the logic board. After you have installed the new speaker and subwoofer, you will remove the connector on the replacement component and carefully feed the red and black wires into the connector that is still attached to the motherboard (paying careful attention to their correct order). Then replace the square of black foam.

    If you have removed the soldered on the connector, your two options are to solder it on yourself or to find a repair shop that can do that for you. There are instructables online for soldering tiny components that can help you.

    bike - Réponse

    • Débranchez le câble vidéo en sortant l'extrémité mâle de la prise.

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    • À l'aide d'un spudger, faites levier sur le connecteur du lecteur optique pour le débrancher de la carte mère.

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    • Retirez les deux vis Phillips par lesquelles le caisson de basses est fixé au boîtier supérieur.

    • La plus longue des deux vis se trouve sur la droite.

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    • Ne retirez pas complètement le caisson de basses, car il est toujours raccordé au haut-parleur droit.

    • Soulevez le caisson de basses du lecteur optique et posez-le au-dessus de l'ordinateur.

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    • Retirez les deux vis Phillips par lesquelles le support du câble vidéo est fixé au boîtier supérieur.

    • La vis la plus à gauche peut rester captive dans le câble vidéo.

    This step is not necessary. Drive can be released without removing the screws.

    mcbohdo - Réponse

    If you’re replacing the subwoofer, you DO need to remove the left screw but not the right screw. This is fortunate, because if you are stuck with a Phillips #00 instead of a JIS #00 screwdriver, you may well strip the heads of these screws.

    Bill Cole - Réponse

    • Retirez les trois vis Phillips 2,5 mm par lesquelles le lecteur optique est fixé au boîtier supérieur.

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    • Soulevez le lecteur optique par le côté droit et sortez-le de l'ordinateur.

    • Il est possible que le câble du disque dur soit débranché de la carte mère lors du retrait du lecteur optique. Veillez à le rebrancher lors du remontage.

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    • Débranchez le connecteur du câble du lecteur optique de celui-ci.

    • Ce connecteur est particulièrement long. Pour le débrancher du lecteur, veillez à tirer au centre du connecteur.

    • Si un CD ou tout autre objet est coincé dans votre lecteur optique, vous pouvez utiliser notre guide de réparation pour lecteur optique.

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    • Retirez les deux vis Phillips noires #0 qui maintiennent le petit support métallique. Transférez ce nouveau support sur votre nouveau lecteur optique ou SSD.

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Pour remonter votre appareil, suivez les mêmes instructions dans le sens inverse.

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I ruined my laptop because of this guide.

The step 6 says it's a connector that comes of (sub-woofer), mine was welded, I broke it, I cannot fix it.

i am frustrated, and I know I should only blame myself for following blindly that guide.

But at least I thought I should let people know : be careful when removing that sub-woofer connector!!!

Thomas C - Réponse

I also broke the sub-woofer connector away from the board, the connection to the board is very fragile, however I managed to solder the connector back on with a very fine soldering iron, (tricky). but it worked. I don't think it is really necessary to disconnect the sub-woofer cable to remove the optical drive, I'll find out when I get a new one to replace the old broken one. To remove the subwoofer cable it would be necessary to hold the connector in place while the plug is very carefully prized up from the lead side without moving the connector socket.

John Chinnery - Réponse

Completed this one successfully. Now running OCZ 256 GB SSD in main bay and WD Black 320GB in optical bay.

Daniel Reyes - Réponse

PLEASE change Step 6 to not blindly pop the subwoofer cable off of the logic board. I also have broken this connection by following the instructions. The comments do not print out/are not shown on the pdf! Some people (like me) may never see these comments until too late.

Jonny - Réponse

My computer had a different optical drive than shown. Instead of the screws going through the body of the drive, it was secured by two screws at the corners opposite the screw by the connectors (i.e, along the wall where the CD slot is). In addition, in order to repair the drive, black tape sealing the unit had to be peeled back in order to open it (and the screws underneath the tape were placed slightly differently).

italtrav - Réponse

Fixed my optical drive my Mac book runs great

victor generalao - Réponse

Just a small tip: I wanted to replace my optical drive that I took from my older MB (A1181) with the broken optical drive in my newer-but still old- MB (A1278). But the drives aren't the same. The connectors don't fit and you can't replace them. So don't try to do this, if you planned to do it.

mofo - Réponse

I broke the connector, too. Thanks to this guide. why don't they change the step 6?

akira maeda - Réponse

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