Vous retirerez la batterie à l'aide de ce tutoriel. Si votre batterie ne charge pas ou que la charge ne dure pas plus de quelques heures, il est probable que votre batterie doit être remplacée. Plusieurs entreprises fournissent des batteries de rechange pour cette tablette. Il est nécessaire d'enlever la batterie avant de retirer les composants électriques et ce tutoriel vous montrera comment faire.

Retirez le stylet Samsung S Pen.
  • Retirez le stylet Samsung S Pen.

  • Enlevez la carte mémoire micro SD.

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Commencez à faire délicatement levier avec l’outil d’ouverture en plastique à l'emplacement du S pen et soulevez le coin.
  • Commencez à faire délicatement levier avec l’outil d’ouverture en plastique à l'emplacement du S pen et soulevez le coin.

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  • Progressez autour de l’appareil en faisant soigneusement levier et en faisant glisser l’outil d’ouverture en plastique.

  • Il y a des clips environ tous les 2 cm. Quand vous retirez la coque arrière, vous devriez entendre les clips se séparer de la tablette.

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  • Retirez les 8 vis Phillips # 00 3 mm qui maintiennent la batterie en place.

The photo highlighting the screws is incorrect, the highlight in the upper right side is a plastic tab, whereas the actual 8th screw to remove is on the bottom (but that's fairly easy to identify when performing the fix).

fortyseveneffects - Réponse

  • Soulevez le coin supérieur gauche de la batterie par la languette noire.

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  • Tenez doucement et soulevez le connecteur blanc situé en bas à droite de la batterie. Il est connecté à la batterie par deux fils bleus et deux fils rouges.

  • Ne tirez pas le connecteur par les fils. S'il ne se déconnecte pas facilement, faites glisser un outil d'ouverture en plastique entre le connecteur blanc et la carte pour retirer le connecteur de la carte.

the white battery connectory also has 2 black wires, so 2 blue/2red/2black

suziquirke - Réponse

There is some sort of safe unit in the upper left corner. It is a connector that opens when you lift off the backside. The safe was not in properly fit when I closed the back. In fact, the most difficult step was to get the safe unit properly in place while closing the backside.

henriknaslund - Réponse

Thanks @henriknaslund for note on the "Safe Unit" I succesfully managed to hold it in pace with a little basic sticky tape. Did the job.

derek - Réponse

Piece of cake. Entire procedure took just 15 minutes. Thank you, Joel & Co., for making this so easy!

Flipped Gazelle - Réponse

why is this under galaxy note 8? the note 8 is not a tablet??? Please respond to my comment as I will check back. I need to fix my NOTE 8 POWER BUTTON…does not work properly. Makes a “short” sound…as in electrical.


Barbara Lamb - Réponse

The Galaxy Note 8 was the designation for the 8 inch WiFi tablet long before Samsung confused everyone with the Note 8 phone. When Im looking for items for the tablet I usually only get things for the phone.

J E De Armond - Réponse


Pour ré-assembler votre appareil, suivez ces instructions dans l'ordre inverse.

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Please help on the connector wire connections coz mine snapped and i dont know which which is supposed to be in place.. Will be waiting.. Thanks..

Narz Ferrariz - Réponse

Even me, 65 blond, woman made it thanks to your good guide. Thank you!!

elisabethbengzon - Réponse

This was a great help! I was able to replace my son's battery in 10 mins. I purchased the battery from eBay for only $8. Saved me a lot of money.

orchidsinjune0511 - Réponse

My Note would not turn on at all even though it was fully charged. Did not think it was on/off button so I followed the instructions for the Bios (reboot). Thought about it and had a program that was being fussy about turning off maybe causing an overload. These are very easy instructions to follow and better yet, it worked! My Note turned on and all is good with my world again. Learned that I really need to back up everything I have on my note. I reviewed all the instructions for the replacing of various parts and have to say the parts prices are more than reasonable. Thank you very much for having these instructions available to us novices.

Marcia Strickland - Réponse

I just wanna say thanks, the instructions were easy to follow. I'm left-handed so I had to turn my tablet in opposite directions to get the job done. I was very nervous messing with computer parts. Thanks again.

patricia Gibson - Réponse

Do you have to buy the plastic opening tool or does it come with the tablet? I don't believe I have one. Can I use something else?

JoAnn Romischer - Réponse

100% done and working but my wifi signal drop, i'm 7ft away from my router and i'm getting 2 bars instead of full bars,

in my room where i used to get 3-4 bars, I now get 1 to 0 bars, so what has happen?

Pernell Gardiner - Réponse

Wow, these instructions were great! Lucky I had a tiny enough phillips screwdriver to remove the battery screws, and a tiny flat screwdriver to substitute for the plastic opening tool. Thank you!

Bill Spikowski - Réponse

Don't know how this article is directed to Note 8. Not even for sale yet!

ghhilt57 - Réponse

You must have figured the answer to your question by now. If not, then this is for tablet Note 8. You are talking about the Note 8 phone.

Qualex Industrial Ventures -

To ghhilt57: this is for the galaxy note 8, from 2013, not the phone from 2017.

mirandaharrell1981 - Réponse

Question, does samsung offer a battery replacement service for their phones out of warranty like Apple does? I'm all for diy replacements and user replaceable batteries, but once my note 4 dies, and I'm forced to a sealed battery, I think it would be better to let the manufacturer replace the battery with an oem battery than a third party. From all the reviews I've read about note 4 3rd party batteries, they are terrible after a few months. So even if this was simpler to do, I still wouldn't trust any 3rd party battery manufacturer.

adobepro - Réponse

Excellent and helpful. Worked great!

JasonJ Brown - Réponse

Merci pour ce tuto très clair. Réparation terminée

michel seys - Réponse

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