Getting to the battery requires disassembling the entire device, but the battery itself is easy to remove.

Place your thumbs on the ends of the screen.
  • Place your thumbs on the ends of the screen.

  • Push the watch outward while pulling the band away from the watch.

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Heating the device with a hair dryer may warp the screen or damage the device.  It it preferable to use an iOpener for this step.
  • Heating the device with a hair dryer may warp the screen or damage the device. It it preferable to use an iOpener for this step.

  • For step-by-step instructions on using an iOpener, see the Instructions iOpener.

  • Use a hair dryer, heat gun, or an iOpener to heat the Gear Fit for 1-2 minutes until it is hot to the touch.

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  • The screen is connected to the device by a ribbon cable on the left side with the power button facing you. Do not try to completely separate the screen from the device yet, and be careful.

  • Gently pry the screen loose using a plastic opening tool.

  • If the screen doesn't easily come loose, more heating may be required

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  • Using tweezers as a lever, pry the inner assembly out of the external casing.

  • This will be harder than removing the screen. Moderate force may be required.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cables connecting the screen to the motherboard by lifting their metal connectors up off of the board with tweezers.

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  • Gently peel the screen assembly up and away from the device using tweezers.

gear fit 2 screen assembly is very expensive at the moment at 135 USD + 10USD shipping… looks like you are buying a whole new unit, ridiculous… i am planning to buy a new GF2 and have my defective GF2 to be source of spare parts in the future ( battery, hear rate sensor, circuit board, etc..) or maybe wait some time till prices go down.

ray floyd - Réponse

  • Three ribbon cables hold the motherboard to the rest of the assembly.

  • The battery cable in the front.

  • When reassembling the device, make sure the battery cable is securely connected. Moderate force may be required to push it in all the way.

  • And two on the side.

  • Using a pair of tweezers, carefully pull each connector away to disconnect it from the rest of the assembly.

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  • The motherboard is a segmented three piece construction.

  • Use tweezers to first lift up, with a moderate amount of force, and free each ends of the motherboard from the assembly.

  • Be sure to use ESD safe tweezers to prevent static discharge from zapping your device.

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  • The motherboard should now be removable from the assembly.

  • Use tweezers to lightly pry, lift, and remove the board by its middle section.

  • If the motherboard is stuck it may be caught on the assembly. Wiggle it around to free it. You may also need to pull the edges of the assembly away from the motherboard to create space.

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  • With the motherboard removed, the battery is exposed.

  • A small metal strut protects the battery.

  • Remove the small metal strut by prying it out of both sides of the enclosure.

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  • Use caution when handling the battery. If damaged or punctured, it can release hazardous chemicals or catch fire.

  • Remove the battery by pulling on the pull tab.

  • Don't be afraid to use force, the battery is tightly packed into the plastic enclosure.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Make sure that the ribbon cable connecting the battery is firmly attached; Don't be afraid to use some force.

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engineer taha - Réponse


engineer taha -

Anyone know where I can find replacement parts for the charging terminals? One of the 5 fell out and I can't seem to find this simple piece anywhere.

Alexis Sanchez - Réponse

Where can I purchase a replacement battery?

Soloze - Réponse

Where i can purchase a replacement battery in india?

Somak Guchhait - Réponse

What do I use to reseal the device? Glue? Lock tite?

G Perez - Réponse

Where can I buy a replacement battery?

Resto Ed - Réponse

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