At first, I will apologize for my poor English, I am from Brazil, but I love this site, especially because I have loved to disassemble electronic stuff since I was a kid. My mother always freaks out, but I always assemble everything back. Sometimes I even fix some things.

I'm writing this teardown to try to win the PSP GO or the Ps3 slim, so please look with care, it was made with care.

In this teardown I will show how to disassemble my Sony Playstation 2. I already made it sometimes , to clean it up and to fix a small problem.

And later in the Repair area, I will show how I fix a small Problem in it. I sent it to a technician because the rumble effect was no longer working. He says that there was a problem in the motherboard and he needs to change it entirely. But the model is a SCPH 39001, an old model, one of the first in the market. He says that the price of the fix was prohibitive and said that is better buy a new PS2 Slim, that nowadays is cheaper. I remember when a bought my Ps2, it costs more than R$800, almost US$400. I decide to stay with it anyway and despite the problem I even bought a Ethernet adapter to continue playing it.

Later, talking with some friends, I knew that is a fuse that controls the rumble effect and all that I need to do is to change it. But the fuses in the mainboard are too small , fixed in the main board and is impossible to change it. The same friend give me a tip, that I can use a glass fuse and take the internal wire to use in the main board. I decide to try and it works perfectly.

So, lets start the teardown, enjoy.

Cette vue éclatée n'est pas un tutoriel de réparation. Pour réparer votre PlayStation 2, utilisez notre manuel de réparation.

  1. Here we have the system console fully assembled.
    • Here we have the system console fully assembled.

    • The USB Ports.

    • The S400 ports, that nobody uses.

    • Here we have the DVD Drive

    • The reset button

    • The eject button

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  2. This are the only tools that we need. 4 screwdrivers and a tweezer.
    • This are the only tools that we need. 4 screwdrivers and a tweezer.

    • In the next photo, the console, the joystick, the wires and a memory card.

    I don't have. A flat head sturdriver

    myjiki - Réponse

    • In the Back, in this case we have a Ethernet adapter, to play online and to use with a Hdd.

    • And the cooler,

    • The power switch

    • The AC in.

    • The Av out

    • And the digital output (optical)

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    • Lets start the teardown. At first we use a flathead screwdriver to remove the ethernet adapter.

    • Remove these 2 screws

    • And is quite simple to pull.

    I have the ethernet adaptor with mine but no hard drive, how do you get the hard drive to work in it?

    Chris Green - Réponse

    Citation de Chris Green :

    I have the ethernet adaptor with mine but no hard drive, how do you get the hard drive to work in it?

    it is a mod. you can look it up

    DustySeven - Réponse

    • This is the expansion bay, where the hard drive goes.

    I got my ps2 from flea market and it didn't have a lid to cover up the expansion bay is that ok to leave it like that

    Plushbeatzz gaming - Réponse

    • Turn the console upside down.

    • Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the screw protections. In this model we have 8 of them.

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    • Under the protection, suprise! a screw!

    • You'll have to remove the eight.

    • Yes, hard work!

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    • Put the console in the normal horizontal position, and pull the top cover from back to front.

    • Look the images!

    You will need to pull back the anti-tamper seal along the rear left corner.

    Wade - Réponse

    • This model has a flat cable to the reset and eject button. Take extreme caution to not destroy it.

    • Remove the button structure just pulling with a small flat screwdriver.

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    • The button structure comes out of the case. It have some tape to prevent a new destruction. Yes, I already destroyed this flat cable.

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    • Remove this two screws to deatach the controller port.

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    • Here we remove the screws from the cooler and the main power switch

    After reassembly, I have a fifth screw identical to the ones shown in Step 11 and Step 12 left over, any idea where it goes?

    Thaddeus Warner - Réponse

    • Pull the cooler up, but take care to not destroy the wire.

    • Pull up the fan grid.

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    • The power cable go to inside the case. Is better let to remove in a further step.

    • The fan wire also go to inside the case. Take extreme care to not destroy it.

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    • Lets turn the console upside down again, with caution because the pieces are locked, and just in the next step we can remove them.

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    • Lets remove the bottom case.

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    • This is the power source board. remove the 4 screws where I marked in blue.

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    • Looking from the back, pull up the board, releasing from the pins of the main board.

    • Finally you can remove the power switch.

    • And this is the power source board.

    • When working on the power supply, be very careful not to touch the capacitor leads or any exposed solder joints on the back of the power supply. Only handle the board by the edges.

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    • Now we remove the expansion bay grid.

    • And now is the time to remove the fan wire from the main board, using a precision tweezer. But.. I can't, it is simply stuck. I already removed this ealier, but now is harder, so I will try later, in the end of the teardown.

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    • Remove the isolation cover from the metal case.

    • Remove the small screws using a thin crosshead screwdriver.

    • And release the metal case from the DVD player, as indicated, using a small flat screwdriver

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    • Now you can remove the metal case, and find the main board.

    • Look the flat cables. Now is the time to remove them. Be gentle.

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    • There is 2 more and the DVD player is free.

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    • Now you can turn upside down again, and remove de metal protection.

    • This is the other side of the main board.

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    • Well, the try to remove the cooler wire was a total failure.

    • The plug is made to deatach, but it is old. The plug had turned into one piece, and broke the soldering.

    • Well, I'll find a way to fix it. I always do =)

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    • This is the end of the teardown.

    • From top, from the left: Ethernet adapter, Ps2 case, Hdd, Cooler, Cooler grid, bottom metal cover protection, screws protectors, screws, Controller board, Power swtich, Power source board, Plastic cover to isolate the power source board, top metal cover, DVD Drive, Expansion Bay cover, main board, reset/eject structure.

    You probably shouldn’t put electronics on cloth, but I guess its about 9 years too late for that.

    Johnny Danger - Réponse

    • Bonus! A contribution to iFixit, my tripod made of a music stand and nylon clamps. =)

    You did a great job Thanks for the help:)

    valorieweaver84 - Réponse

    Hey I need help. My PS2 doesn't have color. I mean the the video is black and white. What could be the problem?

    DCLSILVA - Réponse

    Depends on where you live, you could try it in another TV, some PAL (european) consoles doesn't work on NTSC Tvs and vice versa.

    Pollux -


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how do you &&^&^$^ PUT ALL THE STUFF BACK WHERE IT HAVE TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MountanDew Gamer - Réponse

reverse procedures..step by step..

a to z cellutions belize - Réponse

Yep in reverse, take your time or you'll be like me breaking things and having to rig it haha. Put the shielding back together, drive, power board, the other shield for hard drive. Everything, plug all connections. Even power-reset buttons. Then put it on the bottom casing, connect controller ports and close it up with top casing.

juan hernandez - Réponse

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