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Amazon Fire TV Cube Troubleshooting

This Troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Amazon fire TV Cube.

Device is Frozen or Will Not Power On

Cube does not show any sign of powering on.

Faulty Power Adapter or HDMI Cord

Make sure the TV is turned on and the channel is set to the same HDMI input screen that the Amazon Fire TV Cube is on. Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. If the light is not on and the adapter is plugged in, the adapter is faulty. Consider trying a different HDMI cord or a different power cord.

Incorrect Resolution

Push the Up and Rewind buttons located on your Fire TV Remote at the same time for five seconds. Your screen will then scroll through different resolutions, when you see the correct resolution, select “Use Current Resolution”.

Fire TV Cube Needs to Restart

Press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons at the same time for five seconds. Or, select Settings > My Fire TV > Restart from the Fire TV menu.

Voice Command is Not Working

Alexa will not respond.

Bluetooth Devices or Background Noises are Interfering

Make sure the Fire TV Cube is at least one foot away from speakers. Move other Alexa devices out of the room, and speak clearly with no background noise. If there are other Alexa-enabled devices, on the Fire TV Cube, go to Settings > Alexa, and turn Favor this Device On.

Voice Command Needs Reset

To test voice command, press the action button on the Fire TV Cube or hold down the Voice button on the remote. If the Cube lights up after voice command test, but you do not hear a response, clearly say "Alexa, I cannot hear you." Fire TV Cube then responds to you through its speaker instead of the TV or audio device.

Audio is Distorted or Silent

You have trouble listening to sounds from your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Volume is Muted

Make sure your TV Cube’s volume isn’t muted and adjust if needed.

A/V Receiver Connection Problems

If you use an A/V receiver, make sure that the Fire TV is connected correctly and the receiver is on. Disconnect the receiver and reconnect correctly if necessary.

Fire TV Menu Settings Incorrect

Review your Fire TV settings by selecting Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio on the Fire TV menu. Make sure the Dolby Digital Plus is OFF. Make any changes necessary and troubleshoot again.

HDMI Cord Connection Problems

If you have an HDMI cord connecting your Cube to your TV, make sure the cord is connected correctly, disconnect and then reconnect if needed. It may be necessary to use a different HDMI cable if yours is damaged or broken.

Still Unsuccessful?

If none of the above suggestions work, try replacing the Fire TV Cube speaker using this speaker replacement guide.

Remote Control is Not Connecting to Cube

You have trouble connecting the remote control to the Fire Cube.

Faulty Batteries

Make sure the batteries you put in the remote are working correctly by putting batteries in another device to see if they work. You may need to replace the old batteries with new batteries. Replace the batteries using this battery replacement guide.

Dead Batteries

Make sure the batteries you put in the remote are fully charged by putting the batteries in another device to see if they work. You may need to replace the old batteries with new batteries. Replace the batteries using this battery replacement guide.

Other Remotes or Bluetooth Devices are Interfering

If you have more than seven remotes and Bluetooth devices on, turn the ones you aren't using off. This will help the remote have a better time connecting to the Cube.

Remote is Not in Range

Make sure Fire TV Remote is 10 feet away from the Cube when trying to connect. Don't place the Cube in a closed off space such as a cabinet. Move the Cube away from the TV to limit interference.

Remote is Not Paired to Cube

Follow these instructions to reconnect your remote to the TV Cube:

1. Press and hold Home button for 10 seconds. Remote should take about a minute connect with Cube.

2. If step one does not work, unplug power adapter from the Fire TV Cube.

3. While the Fire TV Cube is off, reset the remote by pressing and holding the home button, back button, and the left side of the navigation ring all at the same time. Hold them for about 25 seconds.

4. Remove the batteries from the remote and plug the Cube back in. Make sure the home screen turns on.

5. Put the batteries back into the remote and wait about one minute.

6. If remote still doesn't connect, press and hold the home button for about 10 seconds.

Fire TV Cube Controls are Unresponsive

Control buttons on Cube are unresponsive and do not light up.

Fire TV Cube Needs to Restart

Restart the Fire TV Cube, disconnect the power cord from the back of the cube or the outlet, then plug it back in. To restart using the remote, press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time for five seconds. Or select Settings >My Fire TV >Restart from the Fire TV menu.

Faulty Power Cord or Adapter

Make sure you are using the power supply cord and adapter provided with the Fire TV Cube. Connect the power adapter into the power port located on the back of the Cube, then plug the cord into a power outlet. You may need to replace the adapter and/or cord in order to fix this issue.

Faulty HDMI Cable

Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of the Fire TV Cube, then plug the other end into HDMI port on TV. If you are using an HDMI hub, first disconnect the Fire TV Cube from the hub and plug it directly into the TV. You may also try switching HDMI ports on the TV. If none of the work, consider trying a “1.3” or “1.4” High-Speed HDMI cable.

TV Cube Broken Button

Follow this Amazon Fire TV Cube button replacement guide to replace a broken or unresponsive button.

Trying to figure out how I can just get sound coming out of the cube instead of my bose speakers…want to play xbox can listen to music on my fire cube at the same time

Michael - Réponse

Please I need help with my amazon TV fire cube. It come plays a tone flashes a blue light twice and that's it. Dosen’t finish booting, doesn't prompt for set up or even appear on my TV.



casper chidubem - Réponse

Mine turns on, I get to the firetv screen then it turns off every time.

Xavier Lee - Réponse

Mine will play music then after one song goes silent, but the bar underneath the song on the Alexa app is still moving like the music is still playing.

Bree Salyer - Réponse

My fire tv cube just recently decided that if I give it any commands for any type of video such as “alexa let's watch Netflix,” or “alexa check the front door" it just switches the video input on the tv to hdm 1 even though the cube is plugged into hdmi 4

cklebs2 - Réponse

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