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Canon PowerShot A460 Troubleshooting

Canon PowerShot will not turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Open battery slot

Make sure the battery cover is completely closed. Even if it is only slightly open, the camera will refuse to turn on.

Batteries are inserted incorrectly

Check to see if the batteries are the correct type and if they are loaded in the correct direction. Follow the Battery Installation Guide to open the slot and check the status of the batteries.

Dirty battery slot

You might need to clean out the battery slots. After doing this, make sure to reload the batteries several times. Follow the Battery Installation Guide to take out the batteries in order to clean the slot.

Dead batteries

Follow the Battery Installation Guide to open the slot, take out the batteries, and load new ones into your camera.

Broken power button

Make sure that you have attempted to press the power button and turn on the camera multiple times. If this fails over and over again, you may want to try our Back Casing Installation Guide in order to locate the power button. Once the back case is removed, you will then be able to fix the power button by either unjamming or replacing it.

Nothing will display on the LCD screen

Your screen is unfortunately completely black.

The camera display has been turned off

No worries. First, try pressing the DISP. button, which is directly to the right of the LCD screen. If this is the issue, the monitor should immediately turn on.

The screen is completely broken

Try out our LCD Screen Installation Guide. This will allow you to remove the LCD screen and replace it with a new one.

The lens is stuck

The lens refuses to extend or retract, or only partially does so.

Blocked lens

Sometimes, the problem is simply that something was obstructing the lens' path during power on. Try turning the camera off and on again, making sure that your fingers are away from the lens barrel and that there is nothing blocking its way.

Battery failure

If the battery died while the lens was extended, this can confuse the camera and cause the lens to be unresponsive. First, follow our Battery Installation Guide to remove the battery and memory card. Next, wait a few minutes, and place the memory card and a fresh set of batteries back into their respective slots.

Debris interference

It is common for sand or dust to make its way into the crevices of the lens barrel, which can cause erratic movement. Attempt to dislodge the debris by using a hair dryer on the cool or no-heat setting to blow air into the spaces around the barrel. If this is unsuccessful in removing the sand, you can follow our Front Lens Installation Guide to separate the parts of the lens and remove the debris.

The flash will not go off

When you put the camera in Flash mode and attempt to use the flash, it will not work!

Low batteries

First check the batteries to make sure that they are not low on juice. Very low batteries will allow the camera to turn on, but they will not allocate enough energy for flash usage. To check and remove the batteries, follow our Battery Installation Guide.

The shutter is stuck

The shutter stays stuck and will not open or close.

Broken lens

If the lens is broken, it will cause the shutter not to work. Turn the camera to a mode other than auto. Make sure that the flash is off. Now, look at the lens and take a picture. If the shutter is actually working, it will open and close and you will see a flicker in the middle of the lens. If this does not work, your shutter is in fact broken. Wait 10 seconds, then open the battery door while the camera is still on. Repeat this process 5, 20, or even 100 times! The shutter should start to work. If the shutter still does not work, follow our Front Lens Installation Guide. You may have to replace the lens.

I keep getting a change batteries message and camera won't turn on. I have tried New batteries numerous times and still won't turn on. PowerShot ax130is

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