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Fujifilm FinePix 4700zoom will not turn on

These are suggestions to troubleshoot problems with turning on the camera.

Drained/faulty battery

If your Fujifilm FinePix 4700zoom won't turn on, the batteries might be drained. Try recharging your batteries with the battery charger and then check if the camera turns on. If the Fujifilm FinePix 4700zoom still does not work after charging the batteries, the batteries are most likely faulty. Open the battery compartment and remove the old batteries. Then place the newly charged batteries in the compartment and close the compartment door.

Faulty battery compartment

If your Fujifilm FinePix 4700zoom is unable to turn on even with a new set of batteries, the battery compartment is most likely the cause of the problem. Replace the battery compartment to take care of this problem.

Display screen will not turn on

These are suggestions to troubleshoot problems with the display screen.

Camera malfunction

If the display screen does not turn on when you turn on the camera, try turning the camera off and back on again. If the display screen does not turn on, try charging the battery or replacing the battery with a fully charged one.

Faulty Screen

If the screen still does not work, you could have a faulty screen. In this case install a new display screen.

Display screen is cracked

If the display screen is cracked and creates an unclear image on the screen, then install a new display screen.

Flash does not go off

These are suggestions to troubleshoot problems with activating the flash.

Battery is exhausted

It's possible that the batteries might be drained, so try recharging the batteries with the battery charger. If it still does not work, try replacing them with new AA batteries.

Camera is set to Suppressed Flash mode

The flash may not work if the camera is set to Suppressed Flash mode. In this case, set the camera's mode to Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, or Forced Flash mode by rotating the mode dial located in the top right corner of the camera.

Camera is set to Macro Mode

The camera's flash will not go off if its mode is set to Macro. In this case, rotate the mode dial away from the Macro Photography icon.

Shutter button was pressed while flash was charging

It's possible that you may have pressed the shutter button while the flash was in the process of charging between photos. Wait 10 seconds for the flash to fully charge before pressing the shutter button.

Flash does not open

If the flash does not open when the you push the "flash pop-up button," then the button is most likely broken. In this case replace the flash pop-up button.

Lens will not zoom

These are some suggestions for troubleshooting problems with the lens.

Lens is stuck

A non-functioning lens could be caused by the lens unit staying retracted in the camera body. If so, remove the lens unit from the camera and manually rotate the lens to extend it. Clean off the unit since it's possible that dust particles or dirt can obstruct the lens from moving. If the lens remains stuck after placing it back into the camera, replace the whole lens unit.

Image is blurred

These are some suggestions for troubleshooting blurred images.

Motion blur

A common reason for why a picture taken by a camera is blurry is that the camera is moving while it is taking the picture. A tripod is ideal for preventing motion blur. If a tripod is not available, try taking pictures while preventing the camera from shaking. Taking a picture with the camera on a flat surface will help keep the camera stable.

Lens is zoomed to telephoto in Macro mode

The image may come out blurry if the camera is zoomed in on Macro mode. In this case, cancel Macro mode and set the camera to another setting.

Lens is dirty

A dirty lens can be the cause of blurry picture. To properly clean a camera lens and avoid scratching, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth. Starting from the center, gently wipe the lens in a circular motion with the cloth. If images still come out blurry after externally cleaning the lens, open up the camera to the lens unit and gently clean the internal lens with a microfiber cloth.

Lens is cracked

The lens may not work or may cause an unclear image if the glass lens is cracked. In this case, replace the lens unit.

Buttons are unresponsive

These are suggestions for troubleshooting unresponsive buttons.

Camera malfunction

If the camera is unresponsive to the buttons, simply restart the camera by holding down the power button. If using the power button does not work, remove the batteries to restart the camera. If that does not solve the problem, there is a high chance that the circuit board for the buttons is damaged or defective. Replace the button circuit board.

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