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Macintosh PowerBook 1400c Device Troubleshooting

Laptop displays flashing cursor or sounds an eight-tone error chord

If the computer only displays a flashing cursor after powering on or an eight-tone error chord is heard after the startup, there is an error with the memory module.

Faulty Memory Module

It is possible that the laptop has a faulty memory module that needs to be replaced. See memory module repair guide.

Laptop sounds four-tone error chord after startup chord

If you hear a four-tone error chord after the start up, a hardware failure has occurred.

Bad Hard Drive

The four-tone error chord indicates that a hardware failure has occurred in the hard drive and must be replaced. See hard drive repair guide.

Laptop shuts down immediately when unplugged

If computer will run fine off the power adapter, but turns off when it is unplugged, your battery is most likely dead.

Dead Battery

A dead battery can result when:

  • The battery no longer accepts a charge
  • The computer fails to recognize the battery
  • The battery can no longer hold enough charge to power the computer on its own.

To replace the battery, see the battery repair guide.

Laptop screen displays vertical lines when in use

If the computer screen has vertical lines on the display while it is in use, it is a sign of dead pixels and hardware failure of the screen.

Bad Screen

The only solution to dead pixels is to replace the screen. See monitor repair guide.

CD-ROM drive does not accept disc

If the computer fails to read or display the disk information, this indicates that CD-ROM drive is broken.

Broken CD-ROM drive

First try other discs with the drive to confirm that it is not the disc. If the problem continues the CD-ROM drive is not reading the disks and needs to be replaced. See the CD-ROM Drive repair guide.

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