Unit Turns On But Does Not Brew ¶ 

The power light is on, but the unit will not brew.

Power Switch ¶ 

Before taking apart the Mr. Coffee machine, double check the switch by turning it on and off.

Adequate Water Supply ¶ 

Your Mr. Coffee Maker will not work without water. Open the top lid of the coffee maker and check that there is enough water to brew your coffee. Additionally, there is a water-level gauge on the front side of the pot that displays the water in the machine. If there is not enough water to use, add more water and try brewing again.

Filter Positioning ¶ 

There is a possibility that your Mr. Coffee maker refuses to work because the filter is off-centered or unbalanced. Open the top lid of the machine and reposition the filter. If the problem continues, then the filter may be misshapen and need to be replaced.

If this is the problem, find a new filter at the nearest home appliance store.

Dirty Machine ¶ 

If your machine will not turn on, it is possibly clogged with minerals from your tap water. Fill the glass pot with 5 cups of white vinegar and hold the start button down for 2-3 minutes. When the coffee maker starts to heat, pour the vinegar through the filter. Then, rinse the machine out with water and attempt to brew another pot of coffee.

Bad Power Connection to Unit ¶ 

It is possible that the machine is not working properly due to lack of power. Check your home’s breaker box and make sure that the circuit is on and working. If it has turned off, then reset the circuit breaker. If it is still malfunctioning, replacement of the power cord may be necessary.

See our Power Cord Replacement Guide.

Or Contact Mr. Coffee for cord replacements and repairs.

Cold Coffee ¶ 

Your coffee is not warm.

There Is No Power ¶ 

Be sure that the coffee pot is switched on and has access to power. The outlet that you are using may not be working. Also, be sure to check that the cord is completely plugged into the wall and there are no faults in the wiring.

The Auto Shut-Off Has Been Activated ¶ 

When unused for a long period of time, the heating console will shut off automatically. There is no way to deactivate this function. Remove the previous pot and re-brew new coffee or reheat coffee separately.

Faulty Warming Plate ¶ 

There could be an issue with the warming plate. If everything else is working and you have tried all of the above options, the warming plate may need to be replaced.

See our warming plate replacement guide.

Overflowing ¶ 

The filter basket overflows and you come back to a mess instead of a pot of coffee.

Improper Placement of Filter ¶ 

Be sure that the area where you place the filter is properly placed in the top of the coffee maker. The lid should close with ease and the tabs should fit into their proper holes.

Too Many Coffee Grounds ¶ 

It is possible that you have placed too many coffee grounds into the filter. This will cause it to clog and not enough water to get through. Remove all grounds and try again, using the specified amount of grounds.

Improper Placement of Pot ¶ 

The glass coffee pot may be incorrectly aligned with the warming plate. Place the pot and ensure that it is centered on the warming plate, and try brewing again.

Broken Spout ¶ 

There could be hard water buildup on the spout from the filter to the pot, or it is damaged.

Coffee Grounds in Brewed Coffee ¶ 

Every time you make coffee, there are coffee grounds in the decanter.

Improper Placement ¶ 

Make sure that the coffee filter is properly situated in the basket. Improper placement results in coffee grounds flowing around the filter into the decanter.

Collapsed/Deformed Filter ¶ 

In some cases, the filter may collapse or become deformed. If this is the case, the filter will need to be replaced. Collapsed and deformed filters allow coffee grounds to pass through into the decanter.

View our filter replacement guide here.

Base of Machine Surrounded With Water ¶ 

You continuously find water puddles underneath your coffeemaker.

Pouring Excess Water ¶ 

The problem may be that you are simply using too much water to brew your coffee. Locate the gauge that displays how much water you have poured in, and do not pour above the 12-cup mark.

Tubing Loose/Damaged ¶ 

The high temperature tubing in the bottom of the machine could be loose or damaged from movement or heavy use.

Heating Coil Leak ¶ 

Using strong cleaning chemicals to remove scale from the coffeemaker can damage the heating coil.

If the source of the leak is not from overflow water, turn the machine over (while empty), remove the screws from the bottom of the machine, and locate the source of the leak.

See our tubing replacement guide.

O-Ring Loose/Damaged ¶ 

The warming plate may have melted or otherwise damaged the O-Ring, a rubber ring that lines the connection between the warming plate and the base of the machine. It is supposed to keep water from leaking through the base of the coffeemaker.

See our O-Ring replacement guide.

48 commentaires

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Boca. Ra Ton

Coffee Maker Model BVMC-ZHI


Will not pour the Coffee Out

maryannesquivel - Réponse

when coffee maker is turned on, the coffee maker gives a warning type beep and does not brew. Nothing in manual about a beep. Any ideas

Greg - Réponse

Got the same problem.

Ezequiel Martinez -

Same prob;repeated pushing--7 X--starts it gurgling and finally it stays on(MrCoffee BVMC-EJX37) .

Ed W -

I just came across this as well. Any answers?

soniamgalante -

Any solution econn1212? Mine just started this as well? Beeps 3 times & nothing...

soniamgalante -

Same problem also

Kathy Morton -

Same problem and I've only had this %#*@ machine for 4 months.

missmillerlite248 -

Junk junk junk! Machine runs for a minute, beeps 3 times, then shuts off. Stupid thing is less than 4 months old. Won't buy this this brand again!

missmillerlite248 -

It just quit. It was brewing but quit. I've emptied the water, checked the filter, added new water. It shows it's on but will not brew coffee. This machine is not that old.

rancherhicks - Réponse

Yeah. We had a Mr Coffie for less than a year. The hot plate stoped working. Although the Kmart employee gave us a new Mr Coffie maker. It was not without major hassle. Final thoughts. Mr Coffie stop makeing Crap!. Next Coffie Maker will be a Krupts.

Mike Tippens - Réponse

Power light turns on but nothing happens. No hot plate, not brewing. More google searching I guess, then I'll take her apart to see if something mechanical is stuck

Stephen Barr - Réponse

Same here, did you find anything in your Google efforts?

mcjames19 -

Did you ever find out what the problem was? I'm having the same problem. I've had it for about 6 months.

Kristie Schroeder -

Did you ever find out a solution? Mine is doing same thing.

christysmidt -

I have the same problem!!!

Stacey -

Same problem

Stacey -

Power light on get beeps will not make coffee 2 months old

Jeff wisler - Réponse

Had this unit for 2 months - 16 days over the return policy - typical. Seems like a lot of similar complaints - is anyone at Mr Coffee listening?

adksurf -

I have only had my Mr.Coffee machine for a couple of months wont brew light is on but won't do anything.Total BS

Lisa Stickle - Réponse

We've had ours for about 1 year... worked fine until this morning... won't brew... just beeps... tried putting vinegar water in an hit clean - that won't work either.

joyrenfro - Réponse

Beeps about three or four times and nothing :(

econn112 - Réponse

These machines are nothing but crap. I have went through 3 of them in a little over a year. I bought the first one. Then one day out of the blue the warming plate stops working, no heat light is on etc but will not brew. So, I went to the store thinking I just got a faulty one. I bought another one. Six months later same EXACT THING goes wrong with it. Then my Mom passed away and she had the same exact coffee maker. Well it's when down the same beaten path today. These were cheap coffee makers, but you would expect them to last longer than 6 months. I'm currently making cowboy coffee on my stove.

tammyolsons - Réponse

My coffee maker was just producing steam and about a 1/3 of a pot of coffee. The problem was in the cold water line, there's a small plastic frame with a little red ball that was clogged with what looked like coffee grounds. I cleaned it and put it back together and it works perfectly. Thanks YouTube!!

Gabriel - Réponse

Going to check our YouTube. I have the same problem!

BlynnFid -

I’m having the same problem! Will search YouTube to fix myself. Thanks!

BlynnFid -

I had my machine for about a year and it after a while all that did was produced Steam and about a third of a pot of coffee. Problem was in the cold water line, it stops the back flow. Unscrew the bottom plate, take off the cold water line and squeeze the back flow device out of the line. Mine had coffee grounds in it. Clean it out make sure you put it in the right way and put it back together. While it's apart you might want to check the heating element and make sure it's not clogged either. Mine was clean but on YouTube his was badly clogged. He used white vinegar and let it sit for a day and ran a wire through it. There are videos on YouTube that you can watch for pointers, the one I watched showed one different from mine but they all have just about the same inards. I hope this helps someone out there. Good luck. Oh and that security scew on the bottom can be taken out with a small scew driver on one side.

Gabriel - Réponse

My Mr coffee makes the best flavor coffee but too has stated the 3 beeping and no brewing. I keep hearing it make clicks and bumping noises too. It won't clean either

DiAnna Starks Hudson - Réponse

ugh. same issue here. I'm seeing comments of this nature repeated throughout the thread but the company not addressing with solutions. Sketchy....

jmrutherford29 -

1 yr old Mr Coffee. Over flowed on to counter. Mess of coffee & grounds. Cleaned everything. Today, absolutely quit. No indicator lights, etc. Why????

mhb40 - Réponse

Why doesn't the delay button work. My coffee will brew but when I tried to delay my pot of coffee, nothing. It goes from brew to clean. Any answers on why this does it.

Scott Shannon - Réponse

My water is not feeding into filter basket. I filled the reservoir with water, positioned filter, added grounds, closed basket flicked it on and it made only 4 of 8 cups. Hmm, opened reservoir and pushed tubing at both ends, still firm. Checked filter basket to make sure not filled with water, no. Water occasionally trickled through but that was it. This machine is 16 years old, so after reading other posts I count myself lucky. It's just always worked so perfectly, it's such a surprise to see it just stop. Does Mr. Coffee ever actually respond to these comments? Not sure if I should wait for a response or just assume it's done for. Maybe I will try to call...

ckbedra - Réponse

The power is on but it's not brewing the coffee.

Racquelita m Jackson - Réponse

The machine is on but it's not brewing.

Racquelita m Jackson - Réponse

My coffee maker turns on, starts to brew, then shuts off after only 1 min or so of brewing. I switch it back on, brews for a minute then shuts off again. This is continued through the whole cycle. I would like to switch it on and walk away. Any ideas?

starr4ever10 - Réponse

I have the same issue. The machine will brew for about 1-2 mins, then stop. The light and warmer plate stay on. I need to shut it off and turn it back on to continue the pot of coffe.

So I took apart the base and rubber tubes to provide a thorough cleaning inside the water reservoir and tubes. Unfortunately, it’s still shutting off before the coffee is fully brewed. I can’t figure it out. We’re you able to find a fix?

basara_24 -

Again another mr. Coffee quite working. Worked fine 24 hours ago. Checked elec. Filter, centering, clock wont stop blinking, nor can time be set. Once time is set., no problems. Could the electrical cord be wet on inside?? Thank you doreena

Doreena kay fitchhorn - Réponse

ok thought it was me until I read everyone else's comments. Second Mr Coffee that stop working. It starts to brew and then the auto shutoff beeps and the machine quits working. I waste more money on this brand. Mr. Coffee needs a quality program for their business.

Valerie Scott - Réponse

my coffee maker beeper sounds 3 times but coffee is not finished but still brews

marvin jones - Réponse

So I recently just got my espresso machine, but the brew basket seems to be jammed in place, and ideas how to get it out?

Thesunnysky Show - Réponse

Coffee pot will not shut off. It will turn on, go to delay brew then clean, but that's it. Never had this problem before.

Christine - Réponse

My mr. Coffee worked perfect until yesterday. I made coffee as usual. But this morning. It wouldn’t turn on. Apparently there’s no power but I checked in other plugs and other electronics on the coffee maker plug and power doesn’t seem to be the problem. It wouldn’t give me a light or nothing. It’s just dead

Mariana Cook - Réponse

Makes noise like it's going to brew and then nothing

Michael Higgins - Réponse

I pour in 12 cups of coffee and my net brewed results is 8 cups. There is not leakage and I have done proper cleaning with vinegar technique.

Bob Walatka - Réponse

I say they need new technical writers. The power light is on, yet they say to check the breaker. Idiots!!

Peggy Zugaro - Réponse

My Mr.Coffee is not brewing light is on and nothing only had it less than 2 months! Is there a resat button?

debrasimmons783 - Réponse

Light on and not brewing is there a reset button? Help I need my coffee!!

debrasimmons783 - Réponse

My coffee maker does not keep time. I've check the circuit breakers changed the plugin and it still doesn't work correctly. I purchased this at Walmart. I will be taking it back and getting a new coffee maker but it won't be a Mr. Coffee.

Andrea Johnson - Réponse

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