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Buttons are sticky

When you press on a button, it takes longer than usual for it to pop back up.

Dirt underneath button

Before taking apart your controller, make sure that there isn't any residue that may cause the button to stick to the controller. If this is the case, simply use a pin or toothpick to scrape away at the residue. This should eliminate most of the residue. Next, use a solvent such as rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to wipe away the rest of the 'gunk'.

Rubber backing is damaged

There's a possibility that the rubber backing responsible for making the buttons spring back up is damaged. Prepare your screw driver! You're going to have to replace it.

Controller has a mind of its own

Even though a button or joystick is not pressed, the console continues to register input, possibly causing a character to move uncontrollably or attack repeatedly

Dirty controller

Sometimes dirt can activate buttons without user input. If this is the case, you may or may not have to open up the controller, depending on the amount of dirt. Before getting your hands dirty and taking apart the entire controller, wipe around the button with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs in a circular motion. If the problem persists, go ahead and take it apart to clean it.

Joystick is still tilted

If it seems as though your character won't stop running around or your screen keeps going around in circles, your joystick might be set in a non-neutral position. The issue may be that you moved the the joystick before starting the game. In certain situations, this can cause a communication error between the game and the controller, causing it to malfunction. A simple fix is to not touch the joystick until the game has started.

Bad bootup

Your console may have run into an error while booting. Errors frequently occur when the console isn't properly started. First, turn off and unplug your console, then wait about 30 seconds. This ensures all the memory from your previous gaming session has been cleared. After sufficient time as passed, go ahead and turn your console back on.

Rogue Joystick

The joystick stays tilted even after you take your thumb off of it

Dirt underneath joystick

This is a mechanical problem. Unfortunately that means you have to do some dirty work. Start by removing the joystick. Then give it a deep cleaning with rubbing alcohol.

The Joystick is not correctly attached to the motherboard

Don't worry, this isn't as scary as it sounds. Try repairing the joystick.

GameCube does not recognize controller

When you turn the GameCube on, it says "No Controller"

Bad bootup

Sometimes, the console may not recognize a controller if it runs into an error while booting. Errors frequently occur when the console isn't properly started. First, turn off and unplug your console from the wall, then wait about 30 seconds. This ensures all the memory from your previous gaming session has been cleared. After sufficient time as passed, turn your console back on.

Bad connector or cable

The first thing you will want to do is try plugging a different, working controller into the same port. If the problem persists, you may have a bad port. In that case, please refer to the GameCube device page to find a solution. Next, try plugging the original controller with the problem into a different port. If problems persist, it may be a problem with the cable or connector. If you think the issue is a bad cable, don't fear! A bad cable is better than a bad port! Make sure your cable is not twisted up or knotted. The easiest and often most successful fix to a cable not being recognized is to simply blow air into the end of the cable. These cables can dusty very easily and oxidation on electrical leads can cause controller recognition problems.

Won't rumble

The controller won't rumble even when it should

The game does not support rumble

Some games simply do not support the rumble function. Check the instruction manual provided with the game to see if haptic feedback is supported.

Check Contact Of The port

The port contact where the controller goes may be dirty and need cleaning to make contact fully. Rumble should work after that if no other controller works with rumble in the same slot.

Bad motor

Unfortunately, motors sometimes fail. A motor can be fried from over use and no longer functional. At this point, the best you can do is to replace the motor.

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10 commentaires

Under the "Rogue Joystick" problem, the second solution that advises the user to remove the joystick is redundant. It is unnecessary to instruct to reinsert the joystick because that step is already included in the linked installation guide.

By re-wording that solution, you can avoid confusing the reader.

Andre Nguyen - Réponse

im using a wireless controller so what should i do then? it wont connect

Gabriel Green - Réponse

My GameCube has not experienced any problems at all until now, but while my sister was playing WindWaker the console started resetting itself repeatedly until it just turned off. The fan was still going though. Later I checked it out. It will turn on still, but once I plug the controller in it turns off, but the fan still runs. I'm not sure if it's the controller or not, but I can't tell because I only have one. Does anyone know what to do?

Jer King - Réponse

I had the same problem, check if the cable is exposed, I had to cut the cable and rewire the cables inside.

Ramon Zamudio -

Sticky buttons are not caused by "gunk" directly underneath the buttons, barely any dirt ever gets there. What causes the stickiness is the dirt that accumulates around the SIDES of the buttons, and along the sides of their hole. Clean that up with alcool on a cotton swab and that'll fix most sticky button problems.

Michel Drolet-Gravel - Réponse

This does not list everything

Thomas Maher - Réponse

Whenever I try to play Spyro A Heroes Tail the controller doesn’t respond. When I play any other game it’s perfectly fine, the controller works. It’s only with Spyro. Do you think it’s something wrong with the game, or something else? Any help would be great.

Brenna Jacobsen - Réponse

I have that Sm4sh Bros Wii U reprints of the GameCube Controller, and recently, my Y Button has just stopped giving inputs in general.

X-A-B-Z-L-R And the D-Pad/Analog and C-Stick are all fine

So, what could be wrong? It doesn’t feel sticky, but its certainly not all dead.

Sebastian C - Réponse

My gamecube controller doesn’t read my joystick movement when I move it up or down, but it reads the movement when I move the joystick left or right. Is there a way to fix this or should I buy a new controller?

Nathan Nichols - Réponse

Man i couldnt tell you how many controllers ive been through. My two year old niece got a hold of my originals and we had hard wood floors and needless to say they were both trash. Then i found a cheap knock off wireless. It was awsome. Well for about a month. Then i bought a cheap knock off and then a nother and then…………… every one of them seem to mess up in different ways and sometimes only on certain games. Like simpsons hit and run game,comes on fine but your controller is helpless. Zelda the top L button wont work etc..So basically to sum up dont buy a cheap one Go to ebay and find a refurbished original nintendo gamecube controller that will remedy any of your issues. Yes there $30 to $40 or so but man ive spent twice that on these dang plastic turds that never seem to work right.

Steven Murray -

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