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Palm Zire 31 Troubleshooting

Zire 31 won't turn on

''So throwing your Zire 31 against the wall won't turn it on? First try a reset!"

Drained/bad battery

If your Zire 31 is plugged in and won't turn on, you most likely will need to replace your battery. Also, if the battery is holding a significantly less charge than it used to, its time to replace the battery.

Broken Motherboard

If a working battery doesn't enable the device to turn on and the screen works fine, then a broken motherboard might be your issue. You can get a better idea by opening your device.

Physical Damage

Cracked, Bent or Broken Screen

It's possible that you're not seeing anything because the screen is physically damaged. You may or may not notice this, depending on the severity of the screen damage. An good indicator is cracks, warps, black pixels (it will be a different color than the screen) that appear "fluid-like". If this is the case, the screen needs to be replaced.

Broken Speaker

If you can't hear anything out of the rear speaker, but headphones work fine, its possible that the speaker is damaged in some way. You will have to check and/or repair the speaker.

Zire 31 isn't responding when it's on

"No matter how many times you're pushing buttons, your Zire 31 isn't doing anything."

Sticking or stuck keys

If you notice that pressing the physical buttons doesn't do anything, then you could have broken or stuck keys. First check the device and make sure there isn't any dirt or sand within the keys. If this isn't the case, then you will have to replace the keys. This can occur because of normal wear and tear of the device.

Non-Responsive Screen

First try a soft reset. Fit this doesn't work, it is possible that you have a broken screen.


Soft Reset

Locate the small hole on the backside of the device and insert a paperclip to press the button inside and hold until you see the Palm logo. Once the logo appears, press any button EXCEPT FOR THE UP BUTTON ABOVE THE CENTER BUTTON.

Hard Reset

This is a possible solution to some of the indicated problems above. Warning: This will reset your Zire 31 to it's default settings and will erase it clean. The Zire 31 will be like when you first bought it. Locate the small hole on the backside of the device and insert a paperclip to press the button inside until you see the Palm logo on the screen. Then press the "up" button after you see the Palm logo.

I cant get passed the target stage. where you have to hit the center of the target. it just keeps on going back and forth to the upper corner and lower corner. can you please help me

Rachelle Kroener - Réponse

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