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Philips Satinelle Troubleshooting

Released in 2013, model number is HP6101/04

Epilator Won’t Turn On

When you flip the switch, nothing happens

Epilator Isn’t Plugged In

Make sure the power cord is plugged into an outlet and connected to the epilator. If it isn’t, plug in the power cord, fully connect it to the socket in the epilator, and attempt to turn it on again.

Outlet is Defective

If the epilator doesn’t turn on after being plugged in, there may be a problem with the outlet. Plug in another device into the same outlet. If the device doesn’t work, the outlet is faulty. Check your fuse box or call an electrician.

On/Off Slide Switch Loose

If the switch does not click when it is moved or feels loose, it is likely disconnected from the mechanism that turns the epilator on. If so, it should be reconnected or replaced following this guide.

Motor Broken

If the switch is not loose, the epilator is plugged into the wall, and the outlet is working, then the motor in the body of the epilator may be broken. If this is the case, it should be replaced following this guide.

Epilator Not Receiving Power

“When plugged into the wall and switched on, the epilator does not start. The outlet is supplying power, the on/off switch is not loose, and the motor works.”

Power Cord Not Plugged In

The epilator must be plugged in to work. The plug socket is located at the bottom of the epilator. Make sure the charger is fully plugged into the wall and the chord is completely in the socket of the epilator.

The Outlet is Defective

Make sure the outlet you are using is delivering power at the proper voltage listed on the instructions. Plug another product into the outlet and see if it turns on. If it doesn’t, the outlet is not delivering power. Check your fuse box or call an electrician.

Power Cord is Defective

Make sure the outlet is delivering power by plugging in another device and attempting to use it. If the other device works, then there may be a problem with the charging cord. Buy a new charging cord.

Socket is Defective

If the device still will not turn on after purchasing a new power cord, it is possible the socket at the bottom of the epilator is defective. Follow this guide to see how to fix or replace this part. [Buy a new epilator]

Tweezers Won’t Turn

The epilator is receiving power and the on/off switch isn’t loose, but the tweezing disks in the head won’t revolve or shake back and forth.

The Tweezers are Clogged

If you are having problems with the tweezing discs, it’s possible they have not been cleaned properly. Remove the head of the epilator and run under warm water. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to replace the tweezers. Follow this guide to do that.

Gear(s) In the Head are Stripped or Disconnected

The motor turns a series of gears, which cause the tweezing disks to turn. If these gears are stripped or disconnected, then the tweezing disks would not be able to turn. You would be able to hear a whirring sound coming from the epilator, but would not the tweezing disks wouldn’t turn. Check that the gear in the bottom of the head is not stripped or disconnected. If it is, replace it. If it isn’t, check that the gear between the head and the body is not stripped or disconnected. If it is, replace it.

Gear(s) in the Body are Stripped or Disconnected

If the gears connected to the head aren’t stripped or disconnected, then it is likely that one of the gears inside the body of the epilator is. To test this, turn the epilator on without attaching the head. If the gear in the epilator doesn’t turn, then you know that there is a disconnect between gears somewhere in the body. Follow this guide to disassemble the body and replace the gear(s).

Too Loud

The epilator is loud when functioning properly, but if the sound becomes unbearable, it is likely because it requires upkeep.

Residue or Hair Caught in the Discs

If the noise of the device is louder than usual or if there is a foreign sound, residue or hair may be stuck in the blades. The device is washable. The blades can easily be cleaned and the noise problem will be solved. To do this, you must start with acquiring a brush or similar cleaning tool.

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