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Skil 88 Troubleshooting

The Skil model 88 drill is an older model and it has a cord.

Drill won't turn (Motor does not operate)

Nothing happens when you pull the trigger

Cord issues

The problem could simply be that the drill is not plugged into a socket correctly. Check to see if the drill is plugged in all the way. Try multiple sockets to make sure that the drill is the problem, and not the socket it is being plugged into. Also, check the length of the cord for any problems (e.g. bare wire). A damaged power cord will not be able to carry a current to the drill and needs to be replaced.

Trigger issues

If you are pulling the trigger and the drill is not operating, then the trigger mechanism may be faulty. If this is not working, the switch in the power supply is not transferring power to the motor when you want it to. Check the trigger to see that it is clean and moving properly. If it is still not working properly, it will have to be replaced.

Bad motor

If the motor is bad, your drill will not be able to function properly. The motor takes the current provided and converts it into torque that is transferred to the drill bit. Without the motor the drill has no chance of functioning. If this is the problem, you will need to replace the motor.

Bad motor housing

If your motor is working, yet it is still not running, then the motor housing may be disconnected to the wiring. You will have to disassemble the drill to see if this is the case. The housing may also be broken. In either case, you will need to take a look at the motor housing guide.

Drill won't turn (motor works)

The motor runs but does not transfer power to the drill bit

Bad gears

If the drill's gears are bad, then you will notice the motor is running, but the drill is not turning. The gears transfer the torque from the motor to the drill bit. Something may be stopping the gears from turning such as dirt, or the gears may be too worn to turn properly. If the gears are too worn, then they will have to be replaced.

Chuck is slipping or is stuck

When you use your drill the chuck slips or you cannot open or close it

Jaws Are Too Tight

The jaws inside the chuck are the metal pieces that hold your drill bit tight. If you tighten these too far, you may not be able to remove your drill bit by hand. Use a chuck key, which came with your drill or get one from the local hardware store, to loosen it.

Bad Chuck

On a drill, the chuck is the part that actually turns the drill bit. The drill bit is placed inside the chuck and it is held in place by the chuck's clamps. If you are drilling and the chuck slips, then the clamps are not properly holding the drill bit in place. Another problem involves the clamps becoming stuck open. If either of these problems are occurring, then the chuck will have to be replaced.

my drill does not start only when drill bit is hard pressed onto something

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