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Camera doesn’t turn on

When the power button is pressed, the camera doesn’t turn on.

Dead battery

One of the problems that can cause your Sony camera to not turn on could be that its battery is dead. If the battery is dead, remove the battery and recharge it using the battery charger.

Battery doesn’t charge

Batteries have limited lives so you might need to check yours. Check by charging the battery for approximately 2 hours using a battery charger. If, after 2 hours, the battery can't power the camera, the battery might need to be replaced. Here is a guide for replacing the battery.

Broken Power Button

In order to fix a broken power button, you are going to need to follow the replacement guide attached.

Screen doesn’t display an image

When the camera finishes the boot process, nothing is displayed

Dead Battery

One of the problems that can cause your Sony to not turn on could be that its battery is dead. If the battery is dead, remove the battery and insert into battery charger. If the battery is fully dead, then a battery replacement is needed.

LCD is broken

A broken LCD means that the camera was able to start its self but, due to damages in the LCD there is no way to visually display what is going on. A way to check to see if you LCD is out is by placing a flashlight directly on the screen if you can see the images on the screen with the aid of the flashlight you need to replace the LCD. Here is a guide for replacing the LCD.

Zoom doesn’t work

I cannot zoom in or out while taking a picture

Zoom location

The zoom in and out buttons located on the top right corner of the display's side. When you hit the button on the left or right side the camera will start to zoom its lens in our out respectively.

Broken zoom button

If you are unable to zoom in or zoom out of a frame when using the camera. This could lead to a broken zoom button. This could mean that one side of the zoom button is functioning and the other side is not. You are going to need the replace the zoom assembly. Make sure that you have a iFixit toolkit and follow this repair guide.

Camera doesn't take pictures

The camera isn’t taking pictures

No SD card

When you turn on the camera if you are given a display that asks you for an SD card. Make sure that the SD card is inserted in the correct position in the slot next to the battery pack.

How to take pictures

When taking a picture, press the capture button located on the top right hand side of the camera. To take a picture you must hold down the button until you hear a snapshot noise or until the screen is picking up movement again.

Broken Capture Button

You are going to need the replace the capture button. Make sure that you have an iFixit toolkit and follow this repair guide.

Focus doesn't work

The camera doesn’t focus when I take pictures

Using the Focus

In order to focus without taking a picture, make sure that you are only tapping the capture button on the top right portion of the screen. If you hold this button down the camera will do an auto-focus and then take a picture as well.

The flash doesn't go off

When I take a picture the flash doesn’t go off

Flash is turned off

On the display screen, there is a lightning bolt icon. If that icon is in a no symbol (a circle with a diagonal line through it), the flash is turned off. To turn the flash on you need to use the directional pad and hit the right directional button. Hit this directional button until the flash logo says auto or, doesn’t have the no symbol over it.

Flash bulb is burned out

When you take a picture and your flash icon is on, but flash doesn't go off, this could mean that the flash bulb is burnt out. You are going to need to replace the flash bulb for the camera. In order to do this, you will need your iFixit toolkit and the following repair guide.

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camera doesn't video shoot..that is E:62:10 error code display are correct this problem?

dnswimalarathne - Réponse

i have also same problam can u tel mi solution in mail

Sushil Gangurde -

Hello, E:62:10 is also the problem of my camera, i don't know how to correct this.

Please help me to fix this,.

You can email me on

Thank you very much.

Jeno Caridad - Réponse

my camera dosent take a photo while pressing button but when taking video button is pressing….what is the problem plz msg me in my email

model no. sonyDSC-W830

Rupesh Kumar - Réponse

I have the same problem, would you please help meme solve it

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