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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 Troubleshooting

Camera Lens is Stuck

This is a common problem that occurs with the error message "turn off power and try again". This usually happens when the camera lens doesn't retract from the extended position due to the inability of the camera lens to retract. This is usually caused due to a sudden powering down, dropping the camera, or dirt getting into the mechanism.

  • You should first replace the batteries and try turning it on again.
  • Reset the camera to factory settings. To reset turn off the camera and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds then release. Reinsert the battery pack and power on the camera.
  • If that doesn't work attempt to give the camera a good jolt. A shake of the camera will often realign the mechanism or knock off dirt.
    • Another alternative is to tap the camera with some pressure to forcefully realign the mechanism. This should only be tried as a last case scenario.
  • If you need to completely replace the lens, see our repair guide on how to fix it.


Camera Won't Turn On

  • The batteries are dead.
    • Try replacing the batteries with fully charged or new batteries.
  • The batteries are installed incorrectly.
    • Take them out and be sure that you have placed them in the correct orientation.
  • The terminal contacts need to be cleaned.
    • If you decide that this is your issue, you may need to gain access to the terminals. For instructions on how to accomplish this, see our repair guide.
  • The camera may need to be reset to factory settings. To reset turn off the camera and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds then release. Reinsert the battery pack and power on the camera.

Power Turns Off Suddenly

  • The camera is programmed to turn off automatically after 3 minutes of non-use. This is designed to prevent battery consumption. Press the power button again to turn the power back on.
  • The batteries are dead or discharged, replace with new or charged batteries..

Replacing Battery Terminal

To remove the terminal in order to clean or replace it, see our repair guide on how to fix it


Screen Does Not Turn On

  • Try adjusting the display settings.
    • If that fails try resetting the camera. To reset turn off the camera and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds then release. Reinsert the battery pack and power on the camera.
  • In the event that you have cracked or broken the screen, see the repair guide on how to fix it.

The Viewfinder Doesn't Display an Image

  • Make sure there are no obstructions.
  • Clean both sides of the viewfinder.

There Is No Sound

  • You may have muted the sound. Go into settings and unmute.
  • The speaker may be damaged which will require replacement. See our repair guide on how to fix it.

47 commentaires

Many thanks for this helpful page. My symptoms: batteries appeared to run flat very quickly, causing the camera to shut down after taking only one or two pictures (batteries appeared to be fully charged still, but replacing allowed a few more pictures to be taken until the same thing happened), with this situation steadily worsening until eventually I could only view the slide show; any attempt at turning on to take a picture resulted in the camera shutting down instantly. Turns out that the problem was indeed caused by dirty contacts, as detailed under 'Power' above. I read through the excellent instructions on how to take the camera apart, but found that I could clean the contacts without disassembly by using a cotton bud and contact cleaner. I would recommend this quicker and easier method of getting at the contacts in the first instance.

Francis - Réponse

Francis, which contacts did you clean?

martinenjellie -

I have a Sony cybershot dsc w 830 and the camera turns on I can see the pic in the viewfinder but when I press the button to take still image it does not take image ,but I can take video


I am facing similar problem with sony cybershot dsc wx7. Did you get solution to your problem?

Manish Joshi -

Yo tengo el mismo problema con la misma cámara, DSC W830. Hace video pero no hace fotos. Alguien tiene la solución a este problema?

jcasad1 -

please help me:( im having trouble with my dsc - h400... it's always on standby and it does not take movies anymore

jjjeffrey060410 - Réponse

the mode switch in sony cybershot DCS-W510 is not working at all.

so i am not able to change from still image to video or panaroma options

Tanooj Atchuta - Réponse

plzzzzz hepl me

Tanooj Atchuta - Réponse

Have a DCH-H1 . When lens cover is removed, camera shuts down,, HELP

rockijr - Réponse

have a DCH-H1, when lens cover is removed, camera shuts down???

rockijr - Réponse

My DSC-H5 Sony camera will not power on period, replaced with fresh batteries,still on't go on Check battery positions,fine--still will not power on

Suzy King - Réponse

Hi I have DSC H300 I can access images in viewfinder/play memories however cant capture pictures at all. Screen will automatically shut down (black screen) when i trying to shoot, video button is not responding as well. Please help.

Teresa May Ignacio - Réponse

I am having a problem with my daughter's Cybershot DSC-H400 - the screen shows images taken but does not show anything in real time before taking photos. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Karlq - Réponse

Need Help!!! My cyber shot dsc-h400 turns on but an error flashed on the screen and after a minute the camera shuts off. Error!c:\coldData.bin failed!

kerripretty23 - Réponse

My cyber shot dcs h300 suddenly won't let me view photos I have taken. Says there are no images. I can view them when I hook up the usb to my computer but some of the pictures are blocked with a color and can't see them.

Hayley - Réponse

My Sony 5.1 mp Cypershot will only show first picture but not the consecutive pictures. Model #DSC-W5 Serial #1423232 Have tried a reset. Help please

Helena Samsonoff -

I have a SONY DSC-H300. I can turn the screen on and view pictures by hitting the play/view photos button, but I cannot turn the camera on to take pictures. When I hit the power button I can hear a faint ticking sound that sounds like an actuator trying to do something. If I hold down the power button the noise happens about twice per second. Occasionally and apparently randomly the camera does try to turn on, but then it gives a low battery sign and immediately turns off. The batteries are brand new and when I turn on the photo view with the play button, it shows full battery. The camera is no longer under warranty. Is there a way to fix it?

Peter Oldani - Réponse

having the exact same problem!!!

Tabatha Marie -

I have the exact same problem and I just can't figure out how to fix it

Zoi P -

I am having the same problem and i just bought the camera yesterday!!

Master Mind -

Many thanks. It works too for sony DSC-HX60V after a while trying to format a sd card corrupted I switched it off and then It won´t turn on again. So I followed your instructions and it goes perfectly. THANKS.

Lino - Réponse

I have a Sony DSC-H5. I used to leave it setup on a Tripod to photograph birds at the lake from our cabin. One day it just turned on for a microsecond then turned off. I replaced the batteries with no luck. I took it to a camera shop and the guy behind the counter told me the motherboard was shot "but" he had a new one he could sell me. I didn`t believe that a camera would just do that for no reason so I declined. After chasing down quite a few web pages I found yours. !!! Yahoo. I removed the frsh batteries that i put in and held the power button down for 15 seconds. Replaced batteries and BINGO. It is back. Thank You !!!

Dwaine Ronnie - Réponse

I have a Sony dsc H300 I can turn on my camera but it won't focus it says to turn off and on and I have but it's not working I changed my batteries too I just got it this Christmas please help me !!!

Annabelle Korth - Réponse

I have Sony a200 with a zoom lens that now clicks for several seconds when turned on or off. This problem just started and seems to have occurred after changing from auto focus to manual It is clicking now in both af and mf The sound is in the lens not the camera and only with the zoom lens. Please help if you can. Bill

bill keneaster - Réponse

After turning the camera on it opens to language setting. The screen doesn't advance forward after pressing ok for English. I turned the camera off and removed the battery and held the power button down for 15 seconds to reset the system. That didn't work. What should I do?

TERRIE Myers - Réponse

I just received the same camera for Xmas & have the same problem. It would take a picture if I had it plugged in with USB port.

I can’t get past language or the time day setting.

shar.litt -

Me too! What did you end up doing?

pip wood -

Me too exact same problem. What did you end up doing?

pip wood -

Oops I lost the comment i was replying to. Dsc w380 when i turn it on the english language button comes up but shutter doesn't open and the ok button for the English Language setting wont work nor can I get beyond this. Its brand new and fully charged. Help!

pip wood -

I have a Sony Cyber shot Tx 5 and the Date and time setting display stays on. It doesn’t respond to any selection. Actually the battery was left in the camera and it depleted to zero. I have tried resetting the camera as shown above but nothing changed. Some help please.

Zainu Rahman - Réponse

I have a Cyber shot Tx 5. Its on the Date and time setting page on switched on and doesn’t respond to any input. I have reset and replaced batteries countless times. But nothing. Some help please. Thanks.

Zainu Rahman - Réponse

Thank you ifixit my camera lens was stuck…following your instructions after a jolt it started working normally…

Aviral Mishra - Réponse

I have a Sony Cyber-shot 16.2 Mega Pixel Camera.Whenever i clicked any picture it displays picture in vertical position every time. I reset all the settings but that doesn’t work.Please tell how to display pictures in horizontal position.

Syed Adnan Ahmed - Réponse

I have a Sony Cybershot w520 when I turn on the flash I cannot take photos anymore and I cannot room it, but when I turn off the flash I can take photos again. Is there any solution for my problem? Please help me with this problem!

jaylian_delarosa - Réponse

my sony dsc hx200v wont work after taking first picture. when you power it off and on, you are able to capture a picture, but if refuses afterwards. any help will be much appreciated.


Hi short my cyber short camera it keep on vibrate I did what happened , it happens after I charge the battery

Many Thanks

Tan Ms

tan_meow_soon - Réponse

My DSC-380. When you turn it on doesn’t go past the cyber shot screen. and also won’t turn off from this point. When the OFF button is pushed, the lens retracts, then comes back out again. Back to the Cyber Shot screen. Then eventually, after literally five minutes, it comes to life , and a message comes up ‘ACCESSING’. After this, it either closes down, or, an Error message comes up saying ‘Cannot retrieve image’. This is with an empty memory card inserted.I have tried re-setting, with no luck.

jimbosmith15 - Réponse

I have Sony DSC-H90 Cyber shot Camera and when I turn it on  it has a message “Image Database File Error.. Cannot Recover” . I tried shutting off the camera taking out the battery and SD Memory Card and putting them back in the same situation again. Don’t know if it is the SD Card or not. Can you help.

Frank Tremont

franktremont - Réponse

my camera will not turn on with the power button. it only turns on when i press the picture veiwer. and will not turn off unless i press anything besides the actual power button. help

izzie - Réponse

My camera is not starting with the on button. Help me out please

Anushka Rana - Réponse

I have Sony Cyber Shot W 830, bought 2 years back. I did not drop, nothing I did but when I turned it on, the lens extended and stopped. No button worked, couldn’t even turn it off. As a last resort, I pushed the zoom lens hard in, and took out SD Card. I turned it on and it worked fine.

It seems the SD Card was causing the problem. Maybe, the SD Card slot needs cleaning. Yet to find out. Right now, internal memory saves pics, not many though.

thulikan - Réponse

I keep getting the message, please reinsert the memory card that you are using.

I’m not sure why???

Cheryl mitchell - Réponse

camera is turning on and all function working ,but view finder and display LCD is not showing any image. it shows a white blurred screen. model -DSC H5

rajeevkumarp - Réponse

Sony DSCH400 20MP 63x Zoom Bridge Camera won't turn on. I have charged batteries Anna have tried removing the battery Anna pressing the power button down for 15 secs. Also tried cleaning the battery compartment with a cue tip. Nothing happens. At present I'm trying to charge it via USB. Can you advise please? Thanks

Elaine Barber - Réponse

I charged the battery, took off the cable connection, pressed the “ON” button and all I am getting is the “Choose Language” screen. The lens does not open and there is no display on the back.

jill - Réponse

I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot - tiny little thing!

jill - Réponse

Memory card will not re-insert. New card or new camera?

dogwisp - Réponse

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