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iPhone 4 glass is shattered

Oh no! Your iPhone's glass did not survive your unintentional drop test!

Broken front panel

Take a deep breath and see if your iPhone will turn on and operate normally. In most cases, the iPhone is still functional but now a cosmetic disaster. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4's front glass and LCD are fused together and must be replaced as one piece.

The display assemblies differ between carriers, so a CDMA iPhone 4's display assembly is not compatible with a GSM iPhone 4, and vice versa. Luckily for you, we have parts and guides for both the GSM (AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4's.

Broken rear panel

Apple did not grace the rear panel of the iPhone 4 with the same high-strength glass as the front, so fractures are much easier to come by on the backside. Even though the CDMA and GSM versions of the iPhone 4 have different parts, the procedure to replace the rear panel is the same for both models. GSM iPhone 4 owners may choose between either an OEM replacement panel or our transparent rear panel. A high quality OEM replacement rear panel is still available for CDMA iPhone 4's.

iPhone is frozen or unresponsive

Even after furious button mashing and screen smashing, your iPhone 4 doesn't respond.

Restart iPhone

Sometimes all it takes is a restart for the iPhone to become responsive again. To restart your iPhone when it is unresponsive, press and hold the sleep/wake and home buttons until the Apple logo appears (~10 seconds).

Very low battery

It is possible for an iPhone to become unresponsive if the battery drops to an extremely low level. Plug the iPhone into your computer or wall charger and allow it to charge for at least 20 minutes before using it again.

iPhone 4 will not charge

Plugging in your iPhone 4 does not bring it life.

Bad cable connection

Check the USB cable for damage and dirt, especially at the ends. Then try using the wall charger, as this will provide greater power input than the computer/USB.

Broken charger or USB cord

Try using different chargers to see if you may have a problem with your charger or cord.

Obstructed/bad dock connector

Inspect the 30-pin dock connector at the bottom of the iPhone for dirt, lint, and damaged pins. Clean out the dock connector very carefully with a tooth pick or soft toothbrush. If the dock connector is broken, you will have to replace it. Make sure you have the correct part, depending on if you have a GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4.

iPhone will not turn on

You cannot get your beloved iPhone 4 to turn on.

Drained/dead battery

Plug your iPhone into your computer or wall adapter to charge. If it does not charge when connected to either of these, you probably have a dead battery. The battery will need to be replaced (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)).

Bad display

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If the iPhone sounds like it is working properly but nothing is visible, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)). If plugging your iPhone into a power source causes it to endlessly vibrate or sound the "connected to power" chime over and over while the display remains blank, you have a display problem that may require further troubleshooting.

Bad logic board

If nothing else works, your logic board is probably bad and needs to be replaced (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)).

"This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone" message

An error message appears as if you have connected an unsupported accessory to your iPhone

Obstructed/bad dock connector

Check the 30-pin dock connector at the bottom of the iPhone for dirt, lint, and damaged pins. Clean out the dock connector very carefully with a tooth pick or soft toothbrush. High concentration isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%) and a cotton swab should be used to clean any debris that does not come off with a tooth pick or soft toothbrush. If the dock connector is broken, you will have to replace it (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)).

Dirty or corroded logic board connections

After an iPhone has been submerged in a liquid, there may be some corrosion or debris on the logic board connections that cause this error message. Remove the logic board (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)) and clean all of the contacts with a soft cotton swab and high concentration isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%).

Weak or lost wireless connections

You have trouble connecting to a wireless network or your calls are suddenly dropped.


The iPhone 4 has a well-documented issue regarding its antenna case design that could cause someone to drop a call if they hold the iPhone in a certain way. This problem lies in the design of the phone's hardware, and can not be fixed with any software updates or new parts. There are two solutions to this problem; you may:

  • follow Apple's advice, and not hold the phone in such a way that alters the reception, or
  • put a cover on your iPhone.

Dirty antenna grounds

If your iPhone has been disassembled before, it's possible that finger oils were left on the grounding locations for the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas. These oils will cause grounding issues for the antennas, which could lead to a weak signal or no connectivity at all. Be sure to clean all grounding points with an electronics cleaning solution before reassembling your iPhone to prevent grounding issues.

No audio or distorted audio through speakers or headphones

Your iPhone 4 turns on and appears to work, but when you plug in headphones or speakers, the audio doesn't play properly.

Bad headphones/speakers

It's unlikely your headphones or speakers are bad, but it's worthwhile to eliminate these as the source of your problem at the beginning. Try your iPhone with another set of headphones or speakers just to make sure that the problem is with the iPhone.

Bad audio jack

The most likely cause of audio output problems on iPhone 4 is a bad audio-out jack. If you have determined that the problem does not lie in your external speakers, you should replace the headphone jack (GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon)).

Restore iPhone 4

Your iPhone is behaving erratically or displays the text "Use iTunes to restore" on startup

Corrupted software

It isn't often that Apple gives specific directions about how to fix your problem! Restoring the iPhone 4 will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iPhone 4 is stored elsewhere prior to restoring. To restore, connect your iPhone 4 to a computer with iTunes installed. Click "Restore" on the iPhone 4 summary page (click on your iPhone icon on the left menu to find this page). Follow the directions to restore. If your iPhone 4 displays the text "Please wait. Very Low Battery," leave it plugged in. This charges the iPhone 4 enough to be able to restore. If the iPhone 4 hangs on this screen for long periods of time, you may need a new battery.

Force restore mode

If your iPhone 4 is hanging with an Apple logo, or exhibiting some other software problem that prevents iTunes from recognizing it, you can force it into recovery/restore mode and then use iTunes to restore the software.

If the device is powered off, plug one end of your USB cable into the iPhone 4 and leave the other end disconnected. Press down on the Home button, and keep holding it down while you plug the USB cable into your computer. After 5-10 seconds, you should see a "Please Connect to iTunes" image on the iPhone 4, and iTunes should prompt you to restore the software; follow the prompts and the instructions given above.

If the device is powered on, hold down both the power and home buttons until the device reboots and displays the "Connect to iTunes" image (generally, 5-15 seconds).

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This is total baloney. I have had 2 new iphones with bad connections. I feel that the Iphone 4 was put together with bugs and they just wanted money coming in and didn't care that the product was sub par. They hav not rectified this problem as of yet. I don't have a diry antennae and I have a case for my Iphone. I feel it was a waste of money to buy this product.

Laura - Réponse

What I need to do, if is showing on Iphone 4

- Connect to iTunes -

1.What I did conect to itunes then come up message:

There is a problem with your iPhone.

Please visit the Service Answer Center to find answers to all your questions about service options, warranty and other processes in your country.

To find your nearest Apple Store, click here.

2. I visited the apple store and they try restore the iphone and hapend but nothing changed is come up again the message.

So, one man from enginering take a phone for check and he sai that may be is been replaced the sreen and is not from apple brand, so may be for that reson is showing mesage.

3. I open the phone and take out main board and put to good working phone. So what hapeand? same thing, same mesage come up. Never mind, I conect to itunes and hold button with power buton to restore phone again, but nothing changed same mesage on itunes.

4. I check the IMEII if is blocked or no and is unblocked.

Can anyone help with this issue?


Imrich001 - Réponse

how can you check if an IMEI is blocked or not?

EdfromMS -

same issue here, did you find any solution yet ?

Abdullah -

My daughter got hers wet, mine is stuck in the connect to iTunes screen, when hook up to PC it doesn't find the serial number and I can't restore it. Try the rice technique or a cloth over it with a hair dryer. I am gonna try the hair dryer tomorrow will let you know how it goes !

philh2413 -

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