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Welcome to my, well, let’s be honest, it's a hobby that pays.

I love to fix things, that's why I work in IT. Apparently I love it so much I want to come home and do it some more!

Here I offer the following services:

Phone and Tablet Repair - Screens, batteries, no power, data recovery, bring it on! I am an iFixit Master Tech, Member of, and I was Certified as an Apple Repair Tech for iPhone and Mac in 2020.

Computer and Game Console Repair - If it's a laptop that won't power on, a computer that needs a new battery, a game console with a bad HDMI port, or anything else in between, let's get it fixed!

Networking - Beyond the hardware repair aspect of consumer electronics, I found I really love designing and building networks for large homes and small businesses. Get great Wi-Fi coverage, better gaming speeds, and security camera systems. whole home audio systems. New home, or old. I'm your IT guy.