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Troubleshoot common problems with the Canon PowerShot S50 using our Troubleshooting Guide.


The Canon PowerShot S50 was first released in 2003. Weighing about 9.2 oz/260 g, it was created in the "PowerShot S" series and is the successor to the Canon PowerShot S45. It has a longer battery life than its predecessor of approximately 160 minutes of normal use. Outside of the US, the device is only available in silver. This specific model was the first Canon camera to have a five megapixel resolution. A convenient addition in the PowerShot is a self timer.



The Canon PowerShot S50 generally comes in either Black or Silver. The bottom of the camera has a metal tripod mount. Next to the tripod mount is a compartment labeled "CF/BATT.OPEN" which holds the battery pack.


The words "Canon PowerShot S50" lie on the front right of camera lens. On the sliding lens cover, the word "Canon" is displayed. This sliding lens cover also acts as the on/off switch for the device. When the cover slides open, the device turns on and the lens extends out of the camera. The left side of the Camera has a hole meant for an attachable strap. On the right side of the camera, there is a rubber door concealing a A/V out port and a mini-USB port


The color LCD screen is approximately 1.8 inches from corner to corner. On the right of the screen is a "Menu" and "Display" button. To the right of those buttons is a thumb like imprint.

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