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Background and Identification

The Nostalgia GCM200 Electric Gummy Candy Maker makes gummy bears, fish, and worms. It comes packaged with 1 heating bowl, 4 silicone trays to make gummy candy, 1 non-stick removable gelatin bowl for easy pouring. The gummy maker operates via an easy on/off power switch, and cleaning is quick and easy.


Model Number: GCM200 | GUMMY CANDY MAKER

The candy maker has a length/width of approximately 12 in. and a height of 3.75 in.

This Nostalgia GCM200 is made of orange plastic, and is not dishwasher safe.

The Nostalgia GCM200 weighs approximately 1.50lbs.

Troubleshooting Page

If you are having difficulties , try referring to the Nostalgia GCM-200 Troubleshooting

Additional WiKi Information

GCM-200 Gummy Maker Instruction Manual

GCM 200 Candy Maker FAQ

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GCM 200 Candy Maker Review From

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