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This DVP-SR200P can play DVDs, CDs, and MP3 discs. It uses Sony's Precision Drive™ 3 system which allows you to play slightly damaged disks without lowering picture quality. It has Digital-to-Analog converters for audio and video and comes with a remote control. The dimensions of the DVD player are 8.23" deep, 1.26" high, and 12.6" wide. The device requires AC 120V, 60 HZ for power.

The best way to identify the device is by locating the model number. The model number, DVP-SR200P, is in the lower-right hand corner on the front of the DVD player. If that model number is DVP-SR200P, then you have the correct iFixit guide.

Identify several possible problems using the Sony DVP-SR200P troubleshooting guide

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