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The DVP-SR200P is a Sony DVD player that can play DVD's or CD's and that has four buttons on the front of the device. It is no longer manufactured by Sony.

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Sony Dvd player power supply problem

my dvd player isn't turning I open it and checked in power supply for output voltage and I didn't find any voltage in output segments.its build on tny176pn ic.

I started with fuse which is ok..than for any open diodes and found none..I checked the opticoupler for little voltage which I expected and there's none.

I measure the tny176pn ic's en pin and also no voltage.

so what should I go for??

thank you!!

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Help me out here, the cable running from the battery (power supply whatever you want to call it) before going into anything else does it plug into a board? If so chances are that board is fried.


Hi @rony007

I would like to check more info from you, which country did you use at?

and what voltage? 110V or 230V?

I noticed that on the teardown, the board seems to be a 110V,

thus need to confirm your powerboard if it is a 110V or 230V.


its 220v in our was working fine!



where did you " found 320v." on your power board? What else have you checked?


on the primary section of transformer its getting 320v...I checked tny176np..I checked directly to the transformers secondary section but no voltage...I checked transformer secondary section winding ok!what would be the cause of no output voltage?


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These units use what is called a switch mode supply. Can I assume that you have the 5V standby voltage around? If not, then there are further problems. Anyway... Can you post a picture of the power supply board? It will be easier to direct you on what to check if I can reference a picture. I suspect that what I call the kick-starter capacitor has failed. This is usually a 2.2ufd capacitor in the 50V range that starts the oscillations of the switch mode supply.

With a picture I should be able to direct you to the part.


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