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For troubleshooting common problems, refer to the Sony VAIO SVE14AJ16L Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identificaiton

The Sony VAIO SVE14AJ16L, also known as the Sony VAIO E-Series, is a Windows personal laptop released in 2013 by Sony Corporation. It is identified by the unique VAIO logo on the center of the lid of the laptop and is available in various colors. The VAIO logo is also stamped into the left palm rest underneath the keyboard.

The Sony VAIO E-Series commonly shipped with up to an Intel i7 processor and up to a Radeon 7550M graphics card.

Additional Information

Sony VAIO SVE14AJ16L Troubleshooting Page
Wikipedia:Sony VAIO E-Series
Digital Trends:Sony VAIO E-Series Review

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