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Model SVE14AJ16L, released in 2013. Also know as the VAIO E-Series. Intel processor, Up to 8GB of RAM.

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Why can’t I update?

Why can’t I update my windows laptop to the latest window version?

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What Windows version is installed now?

How are you trying to update?

What messages if any are you getting when trying to update?


It’s windows 10 but I was trying connect my phone device to use my USB port and it wasn’t connecting properly. It made the connection noise but nothing happened. So I searched on google to see what the problem could be and it said I might need to update my laptop to the latest software version.


I’m not tech savvy (especially on a laptop) so I could be doing this all wrong


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@Aaron Bernal

What is the make and model number of the phone?

Have you checked that the USB port in the laptop is working OK by connecting another USB device e.g. mouse, another phone etc?

Have you tried a different known working charge cable for the phone? Some cables don't have the necessary data wires in them. They only have the power wires and that it why you can charge a phone from a USB port in a PC and not "talk" to them from a PC. This is more the case with USB2.0 micro cables and not USB-C cables

Can you try connecting the phone to another computer to check if it is recognized by it OK?

If specific drivers are needed by the PC for your model usually Windows 10 doesn't need to be updated as mostly it will already recognize the phone and install the necessary drivers or download drivers automatically if it hasn't got them.

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iPhone 11pro max

Yes I have checked. I’ve tried another iPhone and an iPad and it still does nothing expect make the noise.

It was working fine before I updated to the latest iTunes version, after that it stopped.


@Aaron Bernal

Don't know much about Apple but try updating iTunes again if no good uninstall it from your PC and start again or at least see if when it is uninstalled that the PC recognizes the phone.

Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features to find the iTunes, Bonjour and iCloud programs to uninstall.

You could try updating Windows by going to Windows Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and follow the prompts


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