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Simple to use 35 mm manual focus SLR camera. Model number X-370.

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How do you unlock the camera's mirror?

In my camera you cant see out of the finder, how do you unlcock the camera's mirror?

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Lillian - First to you have a working battery installed? This camera will go into lockup when the battery is to low for it to function.

It's also possible the battery contacts have also corroded check the onboard battery tester to see if power is getting through. If you find the power is present and the shutter will fire off but the mirror won't come down it's possible the foam rubber bumper the mirror hits at the top edge has gotten sticky from age. Using your finger nail give a very slight pull down (very little force needed here!) to see if that frees the mirror. If it does then you'll need to get to a camera repair shop to get the foam bumper replaced.

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how do you test the battery, I have the same camera and the counter stopped working the shutter is closed and the mirror is up. I just put new batteries in it

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Review this copy of the users manual


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