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Repair guides and support for the Cutlass Ciera coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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Replaced windshield motor, blades still not moving

After replacing the wiper motor on my 1994 Ceira, my blades still do not move. The control arm pivots in a complete circle instead of moving back and forth. You can hear a clicking noise while it goes full circle. I think the motor should only rotate half way causing the control arm to go back and forth. I've read and reread the motor installation instructions. I have taken the motor back off and started all over again to ensure I've done it right, yet when I try the wipers once again the control arm just goes around instead of back and forth. I'm on a tight budget so I'M having to do this myself and I would appreciate any help of any kind you can give me.

thank you very much

A grandmother learning to be a Mechanic

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rosalie, actually, the motor is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It does turn "full circle". It is actually your windshield wiper linkage that cause the arc movement of the wipers. Check oo your Olds to see if that is in working order and not binding anywhere. Once you remove the motor, see if you can move the wipers by moving the linkage or vice versa. Here is how to remove the linkage:"

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Remove the wiper arms.

Remove the shroud top vent grille.

Loosen (but do not remove) the drive link-to-crank arm attaching nuts.

Loosen the two nuts, then separate the transmission drive link from the wiper motor crank arm using tool J-39232 or equivalent.

Unscrew the linkage-to-cowl panel retaining screws and remove the linkage by guiding it through the access hole in the shroud upper panel.

Some models you will need to unsnap the two water deflectors from the transmission assembly.


Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck

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