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Replaced Motherboard but still no power, help!

got the macbook, they said the screen didnt work and hinges were broken. i replaced the LCD cable and hinges then tried to boot it up and nothing. so i replaced the motherboard and it still will not boot. it will chage the battery however.

heres what i have done so far:

- checked dc jack, reading 14.5 V

- checked power pads, reads 3.3 to ground and 3.3 when bridged

- unhooked everything except power adapter, no boot

- unhooked everything except for charged battery, no boot

i tried all the above trying to boot with both the keyboard and powerpads with no luck. also tried the above with and without memory.

any ideas?



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HELP Please!


figured it out. macbook airs use a 14.5V 3 Amp charger where others use 16.5V 3.65 Amp chargers.

I feel really stupid right now because the original mobo was just fine.

hope this helps someone else out who gets in my situation.


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You didn't tell us if it tried to boot before you worked on it. Try this: remove the battery and AC adapter, press & hold the power button for 10 seconds. Replace power and give it a try. Are you getting anything, sounds, lights?

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thanks for your response but it turned out i had a macbook air charger which is different from standard macbook and macbook pro chargers.


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