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SSD of early 2013 MBP Retina upgradable?

I got a early 2013 Retina MBP, 2.8GHz processor, 16G RAM(have the logic board replaced with the same model) and as it known to all, Sandisk SSD(512G) which lead to a annoying fan issue. Tried to replace the SSD with a Samsung 768G one, but it turned out the Mac cannot boot with the bigger size, Samsung SSD. I search the Q&A and found everybody said the SSD is upgradable. So how can my situation happened and anybody knows how to fix it?

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AFAIK the only 700+GB option is OEM at the time of order. In a while OWC may have SSD upgrades larger than 480GB (their current max) visit them and watch/ask. Until then, purchasing a display damaged 768GB unit might be your only other DIY option.

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What do you mean by purchasing a display damaged 768GB unit? I've already tried to replace it with a 768GB one but didn't boot at all.


So the case is 512GB cannot upgrad to 768GB right?


Apple said the upgrade would not be 3rd party compatible (they always say that - but at least at this time it's true, see my OWC link). You didn't say that you'd tried to swap out a 768GB SSD from a damaged '013 Retina (is that what you did?)


Oh, yeah, I forgot to say, it is a Apple customized Samsung 768GB SSD, used originally in RMBP, but the Mac couldn't boot.


Then the "drive" may be damaged too.


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