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50" Plasma TV by Sanyo released in 2007.

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Turn it on and it turns right off

My tv turns on then turns right back. The picture is not good. I have to turn it on and off four or five times before it stays on. Don't know what the deal is

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This model has issues with the power board. Have you checked for any bad caps? what have you checked thus far?


I haven't check anything yet. Really not sure what to check. Bought the tv in 07. Just checking to see if its an easy fix or I should cut my loses


I've checked for bad caps but didn't see any bad ones

There not bad if the tops aren't popped up correct?

There was one that had like gummy sticky stuff all over it looked like glue


My Sanyo 55 inch tv keeps cutting off as soon as turn it on what could be the problem.


I know its too late but just so you know caps can pop, leak out, or even look fine and still be dead, there may be some fuses also or fuse resistors, 0resistors, zener diodes, transistors or rarely diodes that fried, but look perfectly fine, look for charing arround components, test for conductivity of diodes fuses and resistors, worst case for the power board is the transformers, also the problem might be the tubes or one of them (they are a ##&&% to replace), conectors, or the HV inductors(specific component but could be found)/caps on the inverter board of the backlight. Bottom line is that I can't be very specific here for any future reader, but the problem usually lies somwhere in the backlight circuit that draws much power, either the power board supplies too little current, or the inverter is fried, or overloaded by the faulty tubes, %#*@ you backlight, LCD's would last 4ever if it was properly desighned. I am thinkering with a simmilar problem right now, xcept mine turns on and off repeatedly


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Nick,It does sound like a power board issue. Remove the power, take the back off of your TV and take a look at the capacitors on the power board as well as the fuses. Follow this guide for the fuses. Look for any bulging tops on the caps as well as any leakage. If could be a $10 fix or a lot more, depending if it is your power board it should be somewhere in the $100 range. I would at least take a good look at it and see what it needs before writing it off. Those are pretty good TV's...:-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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How much would u charge me for u to fixing the problem


Lucky Quesada I do not charge. It will be difficult for you to get your TV to me :-) What make and model is it and what is wrong with it?


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Hopefully this is helpfull. unplug tv cord from socket or outlit, hold power button for 1 minute, release, then wait 10 minutes, after that, plug back in the cord to outlet, then try it.

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This helped me thus far. Thanks. *_*v


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