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Repair and disassembly guides for HP printers.

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How to turn off calibration on an HP color LaserJet 2605dn?

I just got this printer and I did get it going, and it's a nice printer, except one feature I never liked on these HP color lasers, and want off

Color calibration if this unit is idle

It wastes toner, and makes toner go faster, so I want it off

Is there a way to do this? I also have it set to ignore the cartridge levels and I can decide if a toner is low or empty, not the printer

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Hi nick,

Unfortunately calibration can't be turned off from what I know, but you can change a setting so it only does a calibration every so often, depending on the model of your printer depending settings that you can change it to.

Have a look through your printer settings for *Calibration Timing* and see if you can change it to a different time, for example once a week.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jordan.

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Try this also for empty cardriges:

There is an override in the menu. So open the Menu; Configure Device; System Setup; Replace Supplies (down arrow 9 times); Override at Out.

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