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MacBook Pro 17 A1261 hight temperature, is normal?

hello, I have a macbook pro 17 a1261, I notice that the fan speed is 6000rpm at a temperature of 40 degrees celsius

is this normal?

already disassembled the motherboard, I clean the cooler, lubed with WD40, thermal paste and still same thing.

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Its not un-common for the thermo paste to dry out. I would clean and apply a good quality paste on. Don't forget to make sure the heat transfer fins are clean on the heat sink as well.

As to WD40 be careful here! Spraying it can create a bigger mess. You don't want it on the fan blades as over time it will collect dust.

I would take the fans out and using a non-lube contact cleaner spay (alcohol based) down the fan blades so they are clean of any oil and dirt (make sure they are fully dry before you power them up). Then using a watch makers oiler put a very small drop of sewing machine oil on the bearing. WD-40 is not the best oil for a high speed fan bearing.

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when I remove the case of the keyboard, the cooler remains at 3000 rpm

when put the case on the keyboard again cooler up to 6000 rpm


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Hey mate. A temperature of 40 degrees celsius is completely normal, but the fan should not be booting it at that temperature. A speed of 6.000 RPM should only be achieved with temperatures of 80º celsius or higher. I would recommend resetting the SMC.

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