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4ème génération de l'Apple iPhone. La réparation est relativement simple, mais la vitre avant et le LCD doivent être remplacés ensemble. GSM / capacité de 8, 16 ou 32 Go / Modèle A1332 / noir et blanc.

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I dont have a wifi board

i opened up my phone for the first time ever looking to correct another problem and thought "hey well my WiFi sucks and NEVER picks up so maybe ill try to fix that too". where my WiFi board was supposed to be, its not there...and the screws that were supposed to be holding it down weren't there either. is this just some kind of a factory error? what do i do?

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Very strange... Can you take a picture of the area which holds the WiFi board so we can see what you are talking about.


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In an iphone 4, wifi is not a "board, wifi is provided through ribbons and antennas.For verizon, there is an antenna over the headphone jack that provideds the signal and the antenna that is a skinny black wire on the speaker above the charger dock connector called the wifi signal ribbon - this provides the strength. in gsm there is a black piece at the top of the phone that screws in called the wifi antenna and there is also a wifi signal ribbon on the speaker. easily replaceable for both phones. if yours is missing just buy it here at ifixit, ebay or amazon.

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