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Reassembling iPhone 3GS to retrieve data

Hey guys and girls,

I've got my mother's 3GS laying in pieces on my desk, as I attempt to put it back together. We took it to a guy in town to replace the battery, but according to the message he left us on our phone, he's never done a battery replacement on a 3GS.

Instead of looking up one of a dozen guides, he's taken the bloody thing completely apart, and possible damaged the motherboard near the Connector #7.

My mother upgraded to a new phone, and we just need to get the data off it now. All the ribbons have been removed, unplugged, and even unscrewed from the metal ring, it's a nightmare.

I want to put it back together, bare minimum to get it to turn on, so that we can get the data off of it. Do I need to reattach all the ribbons, or am I able to just connect the core ribbons (1, 2, 3, 4)? We do not need it to function as a phone, we just need it to turn on.

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Johnathon Holmes, I would follow the ifixit guides from here in reverse order. As for your cables:"

#1: This cable connects the glass screen/digitzer to the motherboard.

#2: This cable connects the LCD to the motherboard.

#3: This cable connects the ear speaker and proximity sensor to the motherboard

#4: This cable connects the speaker, buzzer, microphone, antenna, and charge port to the motherboard.

#5: This cable connects the iPhone power button, silent/mute switch, headphone jack, and volume control

#6: This cable connects the iPhone Wi-Fi antenna to the motherboard.

#7: (3GS ONLY) This cable connects the iPhone antenna to the motherboard. " So you will at least need 1,2,4,5 connected. Unless you get it back in a somewhat working condition, it will be very difficult to get the data of your phone. Hope this helps, good luck.

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