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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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My D620 Latitude keeps shutting down

Hi there , I have an old D620 Latitude and it keeps shutting down !

Sometimes it works for an hour or so and on other occations just a few seconds .

It happens mostly when the pc has to play a movie or read a Cd/DVD and sometimes just out of thin air!

Also the little battery lamp isnt lid up but the battery seems fine (i checked on the battery leds and on the computer in the setup menu all seems fine .

Cd/DVD drive seems to be working fine , and the set up says the mashine is ok .

what could course this problem?

Do I need a new motherboard or a new hard drive?or........???


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Réponse la plus utile sure to use some new heatsink grease between the CPU and the heatsink. The gray stuff on that laptop is likely old and crunchy. Scrape it all away with a plastic tool and clean with alcohol first....both the heatsink and CPU.

The other reasons for random shutdowns on that model....bad batteries in combination with a wonky power connector or charger cord. Also re-seat the memory modules.

The D620 is a workhorse. It's got a magnesium frame, WAY more solid than the junk you see in retail models today. You can find CPU upgrades on ebay for under $20, I think the D620 handles 4GB of RAM, and swap out the spinner for an a new system, almost. ;-)

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thanx it up runing ..for an hour im back where i started ,apart form the fact that i now know how to take it apart and clean it i guess nexst step will be upgrading the cpu...maybe get a new motherboard all together!

it will work eventually!!!!!!


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Seems like your laptop is facing heating problem & its because your cooling system including fan inst working properly. You need to check if your fan is running at adequate speed and also there aren't any dust particles stuck in head sink on either side of your laptop. All you need to do is just to use an air blower and clean the fins of your heat sinks to make the air flow properly. Good Luck

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thanx David i already took it all apart i hope i can put it together the mean time i found a latitude e6400 , installed ubuntu 12.10 form dvd ..and all is working no problems with wifi or anything now im up runing again !still i want that d620 to work as well ...i really like that old machine!!!once again thanx!


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I have a similar problem on one of two D620s I own. But it can't be heat related because it happens right after login with either the Windows XP or Windows 10 Preview (10121) hard drive. It is related to memory modules. With 2 GB bottom only it never happens. With an additional 1 GB on top it happens now and then. With the full 4 GB it happens every boot up. But always at the exact same point in the boot process. And it's just as if you had no battery and pulled the plug on AC adapter. That sudden. I suppose I could try a different cpu, sine I have one lying around.

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