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The LG Cosmos was released in March of 2010. The model of this phone is VN250. The main features of this phone are its QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth capabilities, social networking capabilities, and its compatibility with MicroSD cards up to 16GB. This product is now discontinued.

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My Phone wont turn on

My phone wont turn on at all even if i put it into the charge still nothing happens

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q: what happened to it before it shut off?

Q:was it dropped? is the casing cracked in such a way as to the battery not making contact internally?

do you have another phone like it that you can swap the battery and or charger on?

if not, do you have a way to see if the battery is getting charged or is charged at all? such as a meter or test light?


if your batt is charged and you tried swapping it for another one(and your battery works on the other phone) AND its still not working....

check the battery connectors (on the phone) make sure they are not broken or corroded.

check the pins in the plug where the charger plugs in- make sure they are not shorted(touching or bent).

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A: I got a new text message and then it just went blank and shut off and wouldnt turn back on

A: No it wasnt dropped. And theres not cracks

A: Yes i have already done that still nothing happens


The cable is fine and the "battery charging" sign comes on, but the phone does not turn on by pressing the power-on button


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Did u ever figure out the problem or if there is a way to fix it I'm having the same problem

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