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La version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Air d'Apple, numéro de modèle A1474. Disponible en gris sidéral ou argent, il emploie le processeur A7 personnalisé et est livré dans des configurations 16, 32, 64 et 128 Go.

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Ipad Air Battery- once cell or two?

hi there, can anyone tell me whether the battery in the new ipad air is comprised of one cell or two? In the country I live there are limits to the w/h levels of individual cells that can be posted.

Any help would be much appreciated!

thanks very much,

joshua dyer.

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How do you define 'Cell' here? A single unitized unit i.e. battery (made up of many discreet cells) or electrically: a cathode & electrode in a single volume of electrolytic what people define as a battery cell.


As an example a 1.5 volt AA battery is a single cell, where a 9 Volt battery used in a home smoke detector is made up six 1.5 volt cells in series.


I believe it's the single unitized unit made up of potentially multiple cells. for instance, the first generations ipad was said to have a battery integrating two separate 3.75V lithium polymer cells wired in paralle.


Dan, thanks very much for all the info! Much appreciated!



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The original iPad had two battery units, the 2nd through 4th gen. units had three battery units.

We don't know how the cells within the units are laid out. You will need to wait for the IFIXIT teardown to know how many battery units the iPad Air has within it if you must know.

I've done some checking with FedEx here in the states and since the iPad is a sealed system you don't need to disclose the number of cells the unit has within it for them to ship it in or out of any country. So you should be OK here.

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The carriers are VERY confused on the whole "number of cells" issue. Actually that is NOT required information. They're confused by the limit of 2 batteries per package or 4 cells per package in an unmarked package. They don't need to know how many cells are in a batteries. Yeah I know, carriers often think they do. FedEx Corporate is very knowledgeable and you shouldn't hesitate to call them and just ask for "dangerous goods". Other carriers, not so much. Jim Powell


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