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iPod in the Washing Machine - DOH!

I know there is a similar question out there relating to a water damaged iPod Nano 4th Generation. However, given my symptoms are different, I thought I would post a separate question.

My daughter accidentally put her coat, with the iPod, in the washing machine.


(1) The display does not work.

(2) The click wheel clicks. Furthermore, I can click next and back to go to the next song and back, respectively. However, given that the display does not work, I cannot be sure if the click wheel is functioning. Moving my finger around the wheel generates the clicking sound.

QUESTION: Do you think I need to replace the display? And the click wheel?

F.W.I.W.: It's been about 2 months since the accident. I waited about 2 days before trying the iPod.



First the good news

We were successful in replacing the display. We can now see the display.

Now the bad news.

However, the iPod now lacks any backlight. Right now, it only works in the sunlight. I even tried setting backlight to 'always on'.

I have read some other posts suggesting to replace the logic board. At the risk of rendering the iPod completely non-functioning, I am reluctant to replace the logic board.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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I have the exact same problem, it had a trip to the washing machine and now the screen doesn't work and I don't know if the click is working, because obviously there is nothing on the screen. If you figure out how to fix it (if it's even possible)please tell me.


Hi Mark,

I have the exact same problem with my Nano 4G. I replaced a faulty screen with a new one, it works except for there is no backlight. Did you find out what was the problem in your case?

All the best!


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I would start by opening the unit and checking for physical damage/corrosion.

If things look good in there, I would still do the hot/dry rice thing with it. (even though it's been a while)

1 heat a bowl of rice a few times to dry/extract moisture

2 sure your happy its quite dry

3 submerge all the parts in the warm rice for a day or two

That would help extract any moisture trapped under IC's and inside displays.

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OK, so I performed the rice drying exercise.

Bad News:

The display continues to not function. On a positive note, the iPod works the same as before the rice exercise.

Good News:

With my wife's steady hands at the helm, assisted by me reading the instructions, we were successful is dis-assembling and re-assembling the iPod.

Next steps: I ordered a replacement display.

Will let you know how it goes.



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I put the iPod in a Desiccator for two weeks, and it worked fine. I have now done that to two others. Don't try to turn on the device and put in for at least three weeks.

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I had the same problem so what i did was just take the top plastic cover off and put the cover and the lock swich in a safe place than i got a small screw driver and undid the small screw on either side than put the tip of the screwdriver in between the case and gentally slid the screen out until i could grab it with my fingers and slowly slid it out as far as i could than put it face down on the table and there is a little wire behind the screen itself i gentally wriggled that and the screen looked blue from behind an i trned it over and it was working than i gentally put it back together.

this is the link that helped me to do this: iPod Nano 4th Generation Display Replacement

even though i only used it up to step eight

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