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Intel Core i5 bicœur avec 3 Mo de mémoire cache L3 de 1,8 GHz

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I spilled a drink!

I have a question. I spilled a drink on my Macbook air.. I have been on iservis and they made a diagnose for my macbook.. They said that display and top case have to be replaced... Okay that would be okay if the replacend wouldnt cost me 500euros... So i told them thanks but not thanks... Now i decided to repair it by my self.. And i started to wondering if its even possible to damage lcd display with liquid spilled over my macbook? Is it maybe the graphics card on motherboard the one that is damaged? I can turn on computer... And it looks like it works... But ofcourse i can't see nothing.. Is there a way to diagnose the problem? What is usualy the problem when you do some stupid thing like i did? :) I really dont wanna pay 500eur because parts on ebay cost me only 200eur and i can change lcd display by myself. Thanks for answers and I'm really sorry about my english writting :)

Cheers from sLOVEnia ;)

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It's according to how much got spilled and if it got through to the logic board. These usually don't require a display change. 80% of the ones I've repaired only require an upper case replacement. Open it and examine the logic board for corrosion and/or liquid. Do this ASAP and do not use a blower to try to dry it out as this forces the liquid deeper.

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Thanks! I'll try this.. It would be really strange that lcd would be damaged because of some liquid spilled on... So if computer wont work anyway? If computer can run and i still wont see anything on display than is the display? or i have to change motherborard?


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