Does the A1375 Battery fit the A1370?

I have a MacBook Air (11-inch, Late 2010).

I need to replace my battery A1370 and I could only find generic ads like "A1375 / A1406 Battery Apple MacBook Air 11 - A1370 / A1465". Obviously Im afraid to buy it and receive something that wont fit.

Is it true that the cable connector of the A1375 battery wont fit in the same spot as the A1370? I saw this post online somewhere. Does anyone know/confirm?

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The parts catalogue says the batteries are compatible.

As long as your vendor guarantees they work they should not charge a replacement or restock fee if they send you the wrong thing.

Beware cheep Chinese batteries - sometimes they fail straight out of the box.

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Thank you. What I actually look for is the model A1375, code 020-6921-A. Not easy to find online apparently. If anyone knows of an alternative, other than going to an Apple authorized, lemme know. Grazie!


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