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Faulty LED replacement instruction

Hi All,

After getting flickering screen which then got worst and then all am getting is blank screen I took my MacBook Air to Apple store and genius there confirmed to me the fault is with the LED and not the screen itself.

What he did he flashed a light to the back of the screen were the apple logo is and en you can actually what is on the screen.

Apple advice was to replace the whole display assembly which cost almost the same as much as I paid for the MacBook Air itself..

Is it possible to replace only the LED ?

Thanks in advanced


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Yes it can be done. It is a very '''advanced DIY project'entailing dismantling and reassembling much of the laptop.'' I would not start this as a first DIY laptop repair.

Almost as difficult is just replacing the display with the top cover already included.

For either you need the proper tools (every job is easier with the correct tools.)

You need to study (not just read) the guide - many DIYers do more damage when they tear components off the logic board by not unlocking cams, or pulling the wrong direction.

Once you get your old display out on the back you will find the manufacturer's part number which will allow you to find replacement screens. The display alone would not cost as much as the preassembled display & cover - (but time is also costly) .

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Thank machead3 for your answer but am interested if I can do any troubleshooting steps to repair the LED without replacing the whole screen ?

I had a look on eBay and the screen itself is not expensive however many posts on this website describe how replacing the LCD didn't fix the LED backlight issue..

So do I need to change the LCD cable, fuse or the whole screen ?

Thanks again and Merry Christmas :)


Doing a "shade tree mechanics" version the cable is cheapest and easiest, then the display, lastly the controller/fuse (that really is not a job for an amateur- soldering logic board components requires special tools, solder and lots and lots of experience as it's easy to burn through a multilayer board). Not to mention obtaining the part… generally a DIY "fix" is an entire logic board replacement.


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