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Second generation Learning Thermostat from Nest Laboratories

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Source for replacement battery for the Nest Thermostat v2.0

Battery as detailed in this iFixit teardown.

Teardown URL

Picture of battery

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Ding ding ding!!! Recall???

Is that posted somewhere? I have never seen any customer service thread from this all-too-forward-thinking company. Mine is 5 yrs old, stopped working after 1, #paperweight



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This unit uses a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It is charged by the control lines or an auxiliary charger. It should no need replacing.

If it does then you need to contact NEST for a replacement unit under their product warranty.

Update (04/02/2017)

The 3rd & 4th gen units uses an Energizer Ultimate Lithium (L91) AA battery.

The 1st & 2nd gen units require a custom battery which is only available though NEST.

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So... what happens when we're out of warranty? Cookie cutter responses like this aren't helpful.


How is this a cookie cutter answer? At the time the product was brand new (note the date > Dec 2013). Today it would be a different answer! In fact they where recalled! If you haven't already returned yours do so. - If you read Mariela's post I explained how to gain access to it and the problem here it's not an off the shelf battery. Sorry still no joy in repairing them.


Hi Dan,

I have a third generation and it uses a custom battery as well.

Best Regards,



nest DOES NOT sell the custom batteries for their devices. ONLY devices.


The thing that sucks about this place s that it adversely has affected my ac unit. I’m gonna have to pay hundreds to have an hvac guy come tell me that the low battery on my nest caused the relay of my 5 ton Ac (3 yrs old) to mess up. It’s gonna cost me a grand by the time I’m done. Worst company ever.


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