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Reinstalling the MacBook top case

I need help aligning the clips over the super-drive to install the top case again. I recently cleaned the heatsink and fan, and cant seem to get the top case perfectly attached over the super-drive. It has a very large bulge over it.


P.S: I also redid the thermal paste with Arctic Silver Ceramique, and the idle tempatures went down on the CPU. However, the Chipset seems 1 to 2 degrees higher. Could someone please state their idle temps on their Late 2007 MacBook?

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Have you got all the plastic clips over the superdrive in place and the right way round?


What is the correct way? Away from the outside of the mac, or pushed up on the side?


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The open side points into the machine. If you need a picture you can mail me:

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Thanks! I see they must be open and not locked!


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