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Replaced LCD. Boots to Apple logo, then display goes blank

I am a technician, and I replace hundred of LCDs a year, mostly on PCs, but I have worked on Macs before.

I put in a new LCD in my macbook, turned it on, and got the mac chime and the apple logo and spinning wheel. After a few seconds, when it should go into the login screen, the display turns off (backlight and everything). I've tried booting into safe mode and booting off of the disk. It does the same thing both times. If I pull the hard drive it will stay on the white screen with question mark file forever. and if I boot into single user mode (terminal) it stays on. I thought it might have been a defective screen, so I sent it back and got another one. It does the same thing.

More details:

I bought the plastic unibody macbook off of eBay. It has a bleeding LCD due to a fall. I pulled the old LCD out and ordered a new one based on the part number of the old LCD and the model and year. The PN I pulled out is a B133EW04 and the new LCD is a LTN133AT09. It doesn't look like anyone has ever removed the bezel before. I'm pretty sure it had the original LCD in it.

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I FIXED IT FINALLY!!! The working Samsung LCD PN for my 2009 Unibody Macbook turned out to be LTN133AT09-G02. I literally ordered 5 LCD's for this thing (2 came in working, but cracked from bad shipping) until I found one that worked.


So, was it the vendor, or you who chose the wrong manufacture LCD?


I ordered my first few LCDs based on what the vendor said was compatible with the old LCD PN in my macbook. None of them worked. Later, I got my hands on a similar year/model macbook and used the slightly different PN from this LCD. Then, the manufacturer sent me a compatible part that actually worked. It looks like the LCDs they were sending me weren't actually compatible with the original B133EW04. I needed the LTN133AT09-G02 version.


Thank you for the clarification it may prove to be valuable to other DIYers just starting this project. Seems that "compatible" sometimes means fits" not ""fits and works like an Originally Manufactured Part.


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Have you tried running it on an external monitor? I'd say you have more of a Sudden Shutdown problem than just a bad LCD. There's a possibility that you have another hardware problem due to the fall. Try to run AHT on it? Try a D (diagnostic) boot or try a safe (shift) boot. Either of those may tell you what else is wrong.

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I went and bought a mini-display port to VGA and it boots up just fine on an external display


The computer doesn't shut down with either the old or the new LCD (the fan still runs anyway). it seems to turn off the display with the new LCD. And with the old LCD the comptuer boots up and is usable, but the old LCD is bleeding through in a couple of places.

UPDATE: I just replaced the LCD cable because it had gotten damaged from me pulling the LCD in and out so much. Still same symptoms. Old bleeding LCD works fine. The new one just shows apple logo and then turns off the display. I tried booting up with the old LCD and setting the resolution really low and then putting the new LCD in and still nothing.


Do the new and old LCD part numbers match as to compatibility? Since the external monitor works your GPU/logic board are OK. Since the old display works the inverter/cables seem fine - the questionable part is the LCD. Have you talked with the Vendor? Did the vendor, or you, identify the LCD you purchased as working with your machine?''- For future reference you posted a Comment in the place where only Answers belong.' Please use the add comment link'' to the appropriate Answer or update your O.Q..


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