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The Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed by Apple and released on March 21, 2007

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How to install a Broadcom Mini PCI-E Apple TV HD Decoder

Apple TV 1st generation works fine. Purchased a Broadcom AW-VD920 BCM970015 70015 Mini PCI-E APPLE TV 1080p Crystal HD Decoder and want installation guide or instructions to install.

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Sorry to say you will need a Laptop with mini-PCI express slot (either half or full size) and the drivers to support the OS you have on the system.

This board will not physically fit any of the Apple TV units, nor does the units have the needed software to support it.

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According to, the Broadcom card replaces the AirPort/WiFi card in the AppleTV. So my guess would be to follow the AirPort card replacement guide, and instead of putting in another AirPort card, you put in the Broadcom. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use wired Ethernet to download shows to the AppleTV from that point onwards. The aTV Flash software XBMC edition allows the HD card to work and lets you use services other than iTunes.

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