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Can I remove my optical drive and leave the bay empty?

Hey all,

This is my first post.

In the next little while, I plan to follow the iFix it guide to remove and clean my logic board, as it has some beer damage.

I was thinking that while doing that, I might remove to optical drive and just leave the bay empty, for weight (down the line I might install an SSD, but right now I don't have the money).

My question is - is it alright to just leave the bay empty? Are any of the connections daisy-chained in such a way that it could affect power routing or something similar?

Any thoughts/help/advice would be appreciated

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While I haven't done this my self (leaving it out), I can't see any problems doing it.

I should point out the slight weight difference is a few ounces so I wouldn't do it with the idea I was lowering the weight.

Frankly, I find an optical drive too useful to take it out unless I gain something with its replacement (putting in an SSD), thats what we use to do. Today I would just swap out the HD for a SSHD (hybrid drive) as its more cost effective Vs a dual drive setup.

Lastly, without the optical drive being in place you will likely loose the mounting screws for the 2nd HD/SSD frame. So for that reason I would put it back as getting the correct replacement screws will be difficult later.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the advice - I opted to leave it in there for now. I am considering the SSHD setup down the line - but I'll leave that for now.

Thanks again!



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