HDD spins, no boot, no chime, nothing

Got a old MBP 17" with original kernel panic problems.

Normaly we reflow the GPU, CPU... this normally fixes the problems but now we have a new problem.

When AC attached and press power on, the hdd will spin on. But, no light, no fans, no chime nothing.

RAM out, power on, no beep. Also when replaced ram or unplugged hdd nothing happens.

Tried pram and smc reset, nothing.. ohh wait. One time after a smc reset the fans where spinning loud. Solved that by power off, no ac or battery and pressed on button 5 seconds. Than the problem came back. HDD spins, further nothing. Anyone who knows this?

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How the battery? Less than a 20% charge will prevent startup.


Battery is fine, loaded +80%. It looks to be the processor cause i measured the parts on the other side of the board where the processor is. They measured short. So i think processor needs to be cleaned/changed or i need to replace the whole board.


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Which GPU does your system have? The NVIDIA chip versions (Santa Rosa models). If you do you likely have a bad controller chip.

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Indeed a Santa rosa, so you think the controller chip. Not the processor, cause it's measured short?


It makes little difference as you'll need to swap out the logic board in either case.


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